Facial massager with natural stone – is it worth trying the popular roller?

Facial massager with natural stone – is it worth trying the popular roller?
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Facial massage is an activity that many of us forget or don’t realize the results it can bring. It is an activity that can significantly improve the appearance of the complexion and the oval of the face. In addition, facial massage takes a very short time and certainly everyone can find the time to do it. A natural stone roller massage has recently become popular. You can learn more about it by reading the following article. 

What are the effects of a facial massage?

First of all, it should be noted that facial massage helps you relax and unwind after a hard day. This is one of its most significant benefits, but right next to it stands the facilitation of absorption of the cosmetics used. It also helps remove toxins from the body, prevents skin aging and sagging. In addition, it brightens it and smooths wrinkles.

Is it worth doing a facial massage every day? 

We can consider facial massage as a kind of workout for its muscles, and as you know – in workouts the most important thing is regularity. If you skip this treatment a few days in a row – you will lose the effects developed earlier. You can also incorporate massage into your skin care routine, in which regularity is also most important. Determine that you will perform it every day after your evening makeup removal, and try to see to it. 

How much time to devote to a facial massage?

It should last at least five minutes. To make this time more enjoyable, you can listen to music, your favorite podcast or watch a TV series while doing so.

Facial massage with the help of cosmetics

A facial massage will have the best effect on the condition of our skin if it is combined with skin care cosmetics. First of all, for the effect we mentioned above – their better absorption, but also because they will provide the right glide, which will make the whole procedure easier.

Face massage with a roller – effects

Facial massage with a natural stone roller improves microcirculation of blood and lymph, and makes facial muscles more flexible. It helps to shallow fine wrinkles and soothe irritation. Cosmetics used in the massage are better absorbed, and dead skin is removed. 

In addition, it is a very pleasant way to relax, and a roller kept in the refrigerator can bring incredible relief to a swollen face in the morning and get rid of -bugs” under the eyes.

How to massage the face with a roller?

Start the massage by massaging with your fingertips. This will serve as a warm-up. Then divide your face into two symmetrical halves in your imagination. Always massage in the “outward” direction.  Ideally, start from the bottom, heading to the neckline and collarbone line. Let the next step be a massage of the cheeks and nose, and leave the forehead for last. Move the roller smoothly always in the same direction. Do it slowly and carefully, do not rush. Also, don’t press the massager too hard – the massage is supposed to be a pleasure. 

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