Fashionable on the slopes – tips on how to create a stylish and comfortable look for skiing

Fashionable on the slopes – tips on how to create a stylish and comfortable look for skiing
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Going skiing? First take a look through your closet and see if you can create a stylish and comfortable look for the slopes out of the clothes you have. And what exactly should you take with you to the mountains? Here are some tips!

Thermal underwear, socks, gloves, the right “breathable” jacket and pants – the choice of clothes for the slopes is very important, because you don’t want to freeze. How is it with this fashion on the slopes? How to properly dress for skiing? Check out what else you need!

In skiing and other winter sports, the most important thing is functionality and comfort, because the point is to last as long as possible on the slope, and not to come back every now and then and change clothes, because, for example, it got wet. The right outfit for skiing is essential

Choosing the right underwear

Thermo-active underwear is not an idea but a necessity if you want to be serious about winter sports. What exactly does the name mean? Thermo-active underwear, i.e. a T-shirt and e.g. leggings/corsets, wick away water, or to be more precise, our sweat, from the surface of our body. The material used to produce this type of underwear is “hairy”, which means that it has a large surface area for evaporation. It is also “openwork”, which means that sweat evaporates faster than it absorbs and keeps our body dry. Thermo-active underwear is stretchy and conforms perfectly to your body.

What about sweatshirts?

Another layer of clothing necessary on the slopes is a sweatshirt. How should we choose it? It depends on the type of activity we decide to do. The choice is really wide. We can choose light stretch sweatshirt, fleece or softshell jacket. What role does a sweatshirt play? It is a layer which warms up our body. There is no need for it to be waterproof, but of course it has to be breathable. There are many cuts and colors of sweatshirts available on the market. If you want to look stylish bet on fashionable colors. Among ladies dominate sweatshirts in shades of white and powder pink, while among men – gray, red and black.

Time to choose a jacket

Probably the most important layer of our clothing on the slope is a ski jacket. There are plenty of styles, names and sizes on the market. We can buy waterproof jackets and those with high breathability. The most interesting thing is that for many years scientists have been trying to invent an ideal material which is both waterproof and permeable for water vapour. They managed to develop a material made of micro holes, so small that it does not let water in from the outside, but big enough to let water vapour out, i.e. our sweat. Jackets with fashionable patterns look great on the slopes. Jacket must be ideally suited to our body. The current possibilities of warmth provide also coats, which are not so thick at all, and look sensational.

Ski pants

Ski and snowboard pants are also an important part of our closet on the slope. In their case the same materials are used as in jackets – they are breathable and waterproof. However, the cut of ski pants differs from snowboard pants. Ski pants are usually shorter and narrower, while snowboard pants are bulkier and slightly longer. The pants should go well with the top, however, if you have several jackets – it is best to bet on black or white, which will always look good

Gloves and socks

The right size – this is the most important issue when choosing gloves. It goes without saying that gloves that are too big will fall off and gloves that are too small will squeeze and cause discomfort. Gloves must be waterproof and durable to protect against wind and cold. Nowadays, touchscreen gloves are in fashion, and you don’t have to take them off to operate your phone’s screen. More advanced gloves have a built-in wrist stabilizer. Gloves should match the color of the other elements of your outfit, such as your pants or ski boots. The most fashionable gloves are black with delicate inserts in intense shades


The last element of your ski outfit is the helmet. A well-fitted helmet should adhere to the head, so that it does not move while riding or fall off. At lower temperatures, we can put a thin balaclava under the helmet. Helmets can be solid or multi-coloured. You can even find models with different inscriptions. When choosing it, you should pay attention to whether it matches the rest of the accessories. If you have ski boots in the color of intense green, then a cool solution will be helmet, which will also be in this shade or will have patterns, drawings or writings in this color

Below is a pinch of inspiration straight from Instagram!

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