6 elements of a perfect barbecue party

6 elements of a perfect barbecue party
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Barbecue in the backyard is a great idea to spend a free afternoon with family and friends. What to keep in mind when organizing a barbecue party? What can’t be missing during the party?

Barbecue snacks for carnivores and vegetarians

An appropriately composed menu is undoubtedly the most important point of a barbecue party. It’s worth preparing aromatic pork neck and pork marinated in herbs beforehand. Sausages with cheese and bacon will also be a tasty snack. For guests who care about their figure, it is worth preparing less caloric dishes, e.g. with fish in the main role. Trout or cod are perfect for a barbecue – seasoned with herbs and garlic, they will be a real feast for the palate.

Many fans of barbecue can not imagine that there was no shashliks on the grill. In addition to the classic variant with chicken, red peppers, onions and zucchini, it is worth preparing a vegetarian version, especially if you invited people who do not eat meat at all. What other snacks will work during the barbecue? Your guests will certainly enjoy tomatoes baked with feta cheese, stuffed grilled mushrooms, and roasted new potatoes.

Drinks for grilled dishes – what to buy?

Many people who plan to organize a party in the garden, wondering what drinks will work well with barbecue dishes? When it comes to alcohol – a universal drink that goes well with different kinds of meat, fish and vegetables is beer. Homemade watermelon and orange lemonade are also a good choice; served with ice cubes and fresh mint, they’ll quench your thirst quickly on a hot afternoon. Iced tea will also work well.

With the youngest in mind it’s worth preparing juices and fruit cocktails based on strawberries, apples, or forest fruits.

Not only food – ideas for entertainment

If we want our barbecue party to be really successful and stay in participants’ memories for a long time, it’s worth taking care of interesting entertainment. A great idea will be board games or puns, which will put all guests in a good mood and provide lots of laughter. If you want to make the garden party more attractive and activate your loved ones, it is worth buying a frisbee or a crazy arcade game twister.

Attractions for children – how to entertain the youngest?

If the barbecue party will be attended by children, you should provide them with attractions, thanks to which they will avoid boredom. Looking for sweets hidden in different corners of the garden, throwing potatoes to the target or breaking piñatas filled with candies will be a lot of fun for the kids. Of course children can also participate in adult entertainment, playing twister, frisbee or puns together.

Extras for a barbecue party

If we want to save ourselves the effort and time that we would have to spend on washing up after the party – it’s worth getting disposable dishes and cutlery (preferably from cardboard, so as not to generate waste in the form of plastic). In the interest of convenience for guests, the barbecue can not miss the paper napkins.

If the barbecue party will take place on a sunny day, make sure that the participants can take shelter in a shady place – under a garden umbrella or a pergola. If the party will last until late in the evening, it is a good idea to buy scented candles or mosquito repellent lamps. If the barbecue party will be held at the end of the season – the end of August or in September, the prudent host should provide the partygoers with a sufficient number of blankets, with which they can cover themselves in case of a sudden drop in temperature

Barbecue music – what hits will make the party more enjoyable?

A barbecue will be much more enjoyable if you take care of the right music setting – both holiday pop hits and classic rock songs will work during the party. We can prepare a playlist after prior consultation with friends or just turn on your favorite radio station.

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