What shoes to pack for a city break?

What shoes to pack for a city break?
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Summer is approaching, and with it the vacation season. Vacation is a great opportunity to visit Poland and explore its most beautiful cities.City break, or going on vacation in the city is a specific type of recreation, which allows you to take advantage of many attractions not offered by holidays in tourist destinations. See what types of shoes you will need for your city break vacation.

All-weather shoes

Before going on vacation, everyone checks the weather forecast for the period of their trip. However, sometimes the predictions are wrong, so it is best to pack shoes suitable for every eventuality. Take with you half-shoes in which your feet will not freeze in case of low temperatures – no one wants to spend their vacation fighting a cold. A good choice would be, for example men’s sneakers or women’s shoes that will protect you from the cold but won’t be too heavy for walking. Pack extra sandals in your suitcase in case of hot weather and shoes for rain. It doesn’t hurt to bring an extra pair of shoes in case your shoes get wet or break. By being prepared for any eventuality, no weather conditions will paralyze your plans.

Also remember the accessories that will help you fight foot pain. Gel shoe inserts, chafing stick and blister patches are a must have if you’re planning an active vacation in the city. Vacations aren’t for worrying about foot pain and forever searching for the nearest bench to sit down and rest. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes ruin your vacation.

Comfortable shoes for sightseeing

City break is all about exploring the city. Prepare yourself with a pair of comfortable, spreadable shoes that won’t bruise your feet or pinch you at any point. Uncomfortable footwear can spoil your impression of a place and make sightseeing unenjoyable. When touring the Wawel Castle or the Royal Castle in Warsaw, make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Rather, refrain from wearing new, untested shoes for such outings, as a whole day spent walking in uncomfortable shoes can really spoil your vacation

The best choice for hiking and exploring the city will be athletic shoes or light, comfortable casual style footwear. Men’s sneakers or moccasins are a good option if you don’t like wearing typically sporty clothes. For ladies who prefer a girly or classic outfit, ballerinas are a good choice.

Shoes for a night out

A vacation in a big city is an opportunity to explore its nightlife. A date in a restaurant, a romantic evening by candlelight or a crazy night in a club are the charms of a city break. When packing your suitcase for your trip, keep these options in mind and bring a pair of stilettos or pumps for dinner or a party. Also, think about dress shoes to make sure you’re comfortable and don’t have to end the party prematurely with sore feet

Elegant shoes will definitely come in handy when you’re on a trip, even if you’re going to a play at the theater. And if you do not plan such outings, take a pair of stilettos so that after a day of walking in sneakers or tennis shoes, you can dress up and use your vacation in the hotel bar

City break is a great form of relaxation in the summer and an opportunity to see the most beautiful places in Polish cities. Sightseeing, visiting museums and art galleries, learning about the history and culture of other regions of the country – these are all advantages of going on vacation to the city. Don’t let those wonderful plans be spoiled by uncomfortable footwear – take with you shoes for all occasions and all weather, and you will surely be satisfied!

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