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Women set of fashion accessories in golden and purple color

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There is no denying that well-chosen accessories can completely change the styling and transform a seemingly unimpressive outfit into an evening outfit. What accessories, offered by Polish fashion companies, can be useful during this year’s carnival?

A little flash

A simple, for example, black dress is a base on which, as on a white canvas, we can create our styling, giving it a completely different – festive, but also unique, because simply ours, character. How to do it? By choosing the right accessories, of course! In this role perfectly suits for example jewelry offered by Polish clothing companies. Necklaces – both long and short, thin and subtle or more massive, resembling a chain, or perhaps those with decorative stones? Such proposals, as well as a large selection of earrings, bracelets and watches can be found, for example, in Mohito – one of the five brands (next to Reserved, House, Sinsay and Cropp) of the Polish clothing company LPP

Hair accessories such as decorative hair clips and headbands are also available to add a subtle touch of glamour, for example in Sinsay. In Sinsay you will also find decorative belts (e.g., a gold chain), which are often overlooked. These accessories not only help you to fit your outfit better but also add variety, contrast, and expression to your outfit. A belt, like the above-mentioned watch, is not the only stylish and useful accessory.

Striking and practical

Phone, lipstick, mirror – do you always like to have them with you when you go for an evening meeting? How about an elegant, snap-close small bag in this season’s fashionable gold color? Or one with leopard print on red background? You will find such models in Mohito, among others, because Polish fashion brands offer a wide range of bags. If it is supposed to be eye-catching, it is good to look for models with a gold chain instead of a belt, or with a decorative clasp, which add character to the bag, without dominating the whole outfit. But if you also like expressive colors, why not look for a bag in such shades?

Flat, higher, high?

Speaking of colors, it’s good to think about shoes, too. Maybe you’ll decide to match them with the bag? Such ‘set’ will compose perfectly with the base – even the simplest dress – in contrast color. Pink or green high-heeled pumps? Or maybe on a slightly lower one and in more neutral colors – like blue or nude? You will surely find something perfect for you – Polish clothing companies offer a wide range of shoes which will perfectly complete your carnival outfit. Apart from the aforementioned pumps, you will find long silver high-heeled boots in Reserved, for example. Do you prefer flat shoes? No problem – in this case you can also consider expressive color or lacquered models. Remember that accessories are not only suitable for simple outfits. Just because you like shiny dresses or skirts doesn’t mean you have to go without accessories! But if this is the case, you may want to think about going for a more subdued look.

Carnival is the time when we like to experiment with fashion. We often decide on bolder solutions and outfits, which we would not choose on a daily basis. However, we should remember not to overdo it. It is important that we do not feel like in disguise, but in clothes that at the same time allow us to shine and feel at ease.

Photo: client’s press material.

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