7 reasons to go solo at least once and some useful tips on how to do it

7 reasons to go solo at least once and some useful tips on how to do it
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Traveling solo can be quite controversial – safety issues come to the forefront, but spending time on vacation alone can be quite surprising for extroverts and non-extroverts alike. You will find that there are more advantages to traveling solo than disadvantages and it is worth taking this type of trip at least once in your life

If you are not sure if traveling alone is a good idea, find out what the advantages of such a trip are.

  1. Peace of mind

On a solo trip you are your own rudder, sailor and ship. You set the conditions on which you travel – where you stay, what you visit, what time you get up, when you make a stop. You don’t have to listen to whining over your ears or adjust the pace of the trip to your companions. Paradise for people who work among people every day and want to relax in silence and solitude.

  1. Faster decision making

You get up in the morning, pack and go – that’s exactly what you need to set off on your own. You don’t have to ask anyone what class of plane they want to fly or what their dream destination is. You make all the decisions yourself, according to your own preferences. Quickly and efficiently!

  1. Changes are OK

If you suddenly want to change your destination, go right instead of left, or just stay one day in a hotel, you don’t have to consult with anyone or worry about disappointing them. All that matters is you and your well-being

  1. Never get bored with company

Traveling alone, you don’t have to worry that the biggest sluggard in the group will get on your nerves, and the fun-destroyer and smile-killer will take all the joy out of traveling. You travel solo with your best friend, and that company never gets boring!

  1. You are the boss of all bosses

Your decisions are the only right decisions and no one will question them or turn their nose up at them. From start to finish, you can plan your expedition in such a way that you yourself will be satisfied. Climb the highest peak and then spend the night under the open sky without listening to whining? No problem!

  1. You will meet new people

Being on a solo expedition, you will find it easier to open yourself up to new acquaintances. Most of them will probably start with a simple question: why are you traveling alone? And from there, it’s not far to fascinating conversations. You may meet someone who also prefers solo travel and you can exchange experiences

  1. See more of the places you’re interested in

When you manage your own itinerary, you can choose places that interest you in particular or that you’ve always wanted to visit. By adjusting the pace of the trip to your needs, you will see as many attractions as you want. You can go through an entire travel guide in one day or, on the contrary, discover unknown geographical gems

How to keep safe while traveling solo?

Remember to keep an eye on your luggage while traveling. Keep your documents and valuables in a pouch or kidney. It’s a good idea to make a photocopy or scan of your most important documents before you leave – it can be useful in case they go missing. When going out to an evening event, it is a good idea to find a group of companions, for example from the same hotel, who are heading to the same place. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, go into a place where there are a lot of people. Write down the location of your accommodation on a piece of paper – sometimes it’s easier to give someone a piece of paper to read when asking for directions than trying to pronounce the name in a foreign language. Book a hotel in the city center or in a popular neighborhood so you don’t end up walking back alone to a desolate place

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