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Fashion Photo Session In Paris – February 2021

Winter clothes must not only look stylish and fashionable, but also protect us from the cold and low temperatures. Wondering what coat or jacket to bet on to look stunning and at the same time not freeze in low temperatures? Check out how Scandinavians coped with this problem

What winter clothes to choose this season?

Winter oversize coats

The ideal outfit for winter will be multifunctional clothes, which we can wear in different ways. The most versatile model will be oversize coats, which have not gone out of fashion for several seasons. An interesting solution will be coats inspired by men’s fashion, which give every woman confidence and an interesting look. They can be perfectly combined with airy dresses, heavy boots or casual styling. It is worth choosing models that reach us at least to the knees, so that larger parts of the body will be protected from the cold

Lightweight down jackets

Lightweight down jackets are another great winter fashion statement. As fashionistas from Scandinavian countries point out, this is an extremely useful closet item. Some people combine this element of clothing with a coat creating an ultra-warm, yet unique styling. Thanks to the use of layers, we can be sure that our clothes will not let the cold and chill pass through

Layering clothes

A great way to look stylish while still feeling warm and comfortable is to layer up several layers of clothing. Layered outfits are perfect for winter and fall days. Collecting your outfit should start with putting on a T-shirt, on top of that you can put a warm sweater or turtleneck. Put on a woolen coat or a jacket made of artificial fur. Warmth will provide us with putting on a stylish hat or cap on our head

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Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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