5 closet items you will find in every Italian woman’s closet

5 closet items you will find in every Italian woman’s closet
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Animal prints, exquisite jewelry, fashionable accessories, figure-hugging dress and black this is the essence of italian chic. This is a must for Italian women’s closets.

Italy is famous for its amazing sense of style, whose key is to emphasize femininity and temperament. Women from this country are not ashamed to emphasize their charms. At the same time, it is full of extravagance, nonchalance and unobvious combinations

The fact that the most famous fashion houses such as Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Prada and Versace originate from here is also not without significance. Their collections were often quite surprising.

Clothes with animal patterns

Animal motifs are a must have in the closet of every Italian woman. And not only in accessories, but also in clothing. Although in other countries, for many years they were considered a synonym of kitsch or trash, in the country of pasta and pizza they have never been abandoned.

Leopard spots, zebra stripes, snake skin, leopard print – so strongly promoted among others by Gianni Versace – have never gone out of fashion. It is hard to pass indifferently by the zebra-striped pants, fitted dress or coat in spots.

There is also the option of taming the trend a little and opting for simple animal prints, for example, on a jacket or shirt.

Striking Jewelry

Italian women cannot imagine a style without jewelry. Not just any jewelry, but impressive, eye-catching and shiny. They opt for massive chains, coloured stones, crystals and gold.

In addition, it is also characteristic to wear them in sets – and not always matching each other. They willingly mix different colors, sizes and shapes, and even styles. They can perfectly combine such elements that we would not even think of.

Fashionable accessories

Italy is the cradle of the world’s greatest designers, who have never been afraid to experiment with fashion. Although not every woman can afford a designer handbag or stilettos with a well-known logo, fashionable – and visible – accessories are a must-have in their outfits

These include the aforementioned impressive jewelry, but also leopard-print boots or sneakers, thick-framed glasses with fancy frames (usually black and in XXL size) or a neon-coloured handbag – always of great quality, neat and matched to the outfit.

Dress fitted to the figure

Italian women like to wear dresses, which is understandable in such a warm climate. However, the key is their cut – it absolutely must be tailored to the figure in question, emphasizing the waistline and bust or the arms or legs

In addition, they are always adapted to the age of the woman. We will not see casual styles on the streets. And when it comes to deeper necklines or other cutouts, it is never vulgar or in bad taste, but with class and taste.

Dominant black

In the closet of Italian women we can find the above-mentioned animal prints, and even bright, strong colors, but most of them are definitely black clothes. They perfectly match their complexion, beautifully emphasizing the southern beauty, dark eyes and tan. Interestingly, they rarely choose gray, loved by Polish women.

Main photo: YURI MANEI/pexels.com

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