Wear jewelry like the Italian it-girls and impress with your looks

Wear jewelry like the Italian it-girls and impress with your looks
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There is no doubt that putting on jewelry is a quick way to add chic and character to any outfit. However, the choice of these accessories may be a challenge for us. How to choose the right jewelry to avoid a kitsch effect? The answer is simple – take inspiration from Italian it-girls! Learn a few rules, which will help you wear jewelry like a native Italian girl.

A lot of stereotypes have grown up around the clothes of modern Italian women. People in other European countries often think of Italian women as overdressed, exaggerated and caricatured. Nothing more misleading. Italian women consciously and tastefully mix together colors, patterns and materials. The icing on the cake of any outfit is the large amount of jewelry, which lets you spot an Italian fashionista from miles away.

The Italian Way: 4 rules for wearing jewelry like a true Italian it-girl!

1. Big earrings and sunglasses – the perfect combination

The Italian it-girls have a special weakness for large earrings. Top Italian fashion influencers such as Diletta Bonaiuti, Giorga Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio often complement their outfits with large, chunky earrings in fancy shapes. Their size makes it impossible not to notice them – they are often decorated with fancy carvings, cut-outs, irregular shapes or textures. The more ornate the earrings, the better. Italian fashionistas complete the look with dark glasses, e.g. in the shape of a cat, and a colorful headscarf.

2. You Can Never Have Enough of Rings

Another piece of jewelry, without which Italian girls cannot imagine leaving home, is the ring, or rather rings, as they appear only in plural on the hands of Italian it-girls. The rings worn by Italian women are as impressive as the previously mentioned earrings. They often resemble impressive and richly decorated signet rings. Above all, however, there must be a lot of them and they must draw attention to themselves. Italian fashion enthusiasts wear several rings on one hand at the same time, sometimes even controversially combining silver with gold.

3. Ankle bracelets

Italian it-girls are meticulous about making their outfits stunning from head to toe. That is why they do not forget about the jewelry on their ankles either. Apart from earrings and rings, it is another extremely popular piece of jewelry among Italian women. They usually wear it with stylish high-heeled pumps or cute stiletto sandals. Anklets are usually gold-coloured to add even more class and chic to your outfit.

4. A necklace is a must-have for any Italian it-girl!

Every Italian fashionista can’t imagine leaving the house without wearing at least one necklace. As in the case of rings, the more necklaces around the neck, the better. For better effect they have to be big and massive, preferably XXL size. Particularly popular are chain necklaces, which Italian it-girls wear with T-shirts or loose sweaters. This combination turns even a casual look into an outfit with character. If you don’t want to wear one big necklace, you can replace it with several smaller chains. This way you will achieve a similar effect and still look fashionable.

Main Photo: Jess @ Harper Sunday/unsplash.com

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