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Every fashion lover knows Jeanne Damas. The twenty-year-old is watched every day by millions of women who want to look like her!

A fashion expert, designer, model, founder of Rouje and above all an inspiration to many women all over the world. Despite her young age, Jeanne Damas has had many fashion successes. She is followed on Instagram by almost 1.5 million fans who look forward to her style suggestions every day. Damas is a native Parisian, she is only twenty-something years old and already considered an icon of French fashion. What makes her stand out?

A must-have in Damas’ closet

Jeanne Damas has a perfect body shape. Each element of her outfit is carefully thought out and matches the rest. She perfectly combines classic French closet with retro elements. Experts in her style agree that her closet cannot do without a plain, masculine, white T-shirt and high-waisted jeans. Damas also love loose coats – also those worn by men – short shorts or floral dresses from the 1970s. As a typical stylish Parisian she also has to have leather ballerinas, espadrilles on platforms, jeans, vintage sweaters and T-shirts. As she herself admitted in interviews, Parisian fashion focuses on simplicity. It is also important that the items of clothing worn are timeless and universal. Such clothes will never go out of fashion, and properly composed can create a very interesting look.

The secret is in the simplicity

In a statement, Damas admitted that she is a rather lazy person, which is why her fashion is based on simplicity. The key, she says, is to have plenty of timeless clothes in her closet that never go out of style so that they can be worn for years in different combinations. 

Jeanne likes to combine men’s clothes with women’s clothes to create original and interesting looks. She loves to wear men’s jackets for a nonchalant look.

Damas’ Most Popular Outfits

Damas says there is nothing better than a floral dress, a basket bag, and platform sandals for summer. As the weather gets colder, the fashion icon likes to wear high-waisted jeans, a simple T-shirt (plain or with an inscription), and a cardigan or fur coat. And then there’s her beloved basket again, which can be found in many of her looks for different seasons.

If she needs a slightly more elegant look, she likes to wear men’s blazers with elegant pants and heeled shoes. This shows that you can look classy and original even at formal events.

Red Lipstick for Everything

Red lips are the maximum of femininity and sex appeal. And Damas knows it very well. The fashion icon mixes several shades of red lipstick to achieve the red color she needs and finds perfect. She adds to this the artfully undone hair style, which has been beloved by French women for years. And there you have it! Damas do not like strong make-up and opts for a more girly make-up, which is light and fresh. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to look like Jeanne!

main photo: unsplash.com/Liana Mikah

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