How to choose the perfect city bike?

How to choose the perfect city bike?
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Are you looking for a city bike that will look great, and above all, give you full comfort in daily use? Check out how to choose the perfect bike for city roads!

Cycling – an activity we love!

Cycling is a physical activity chosen by many people. It’s fun for small children but also for adults! Although bicycles are associated with long distances and mountainous regions – hence the popular name mountain bike – they are also used for moving around the city. More and more people concerned about ecology like to ride a bike, for example to work or for shopping. But is a bicycle for moving around the city the same as the one we choose to ride in the mountains? Not necessarily. Check out how to choose the perfect bike for the city.

What bike to buy for the city?

The first bike that immediately comes to mind for most people thinking about a city bike is the Dutch model. It’s not a bad choice, but let’s not limit ourselves only to it. The basic criterion should be our comfort, and something different suits everyone. It’s a good idea to try out different types of bikes in a bike store. It is also important to remember that a city is not the same as a town. The city terrains are different, and some of us will ride straight roads without any bumps, while others will even find a sandy area along the river. The answer to the question of which bike to buy for the city will not be unequivocal. However, we can surely point out models, which will be better suited to the city.

Bicycle for the city – pay attention to it

There are certain features that every person looking for the perfect bike for himself should pay attention to. First of all, the bike you choose should provide you with the most comfortable position, without overloading your spine. A position where you can be as upright and relaxed as possible is also important for safety reasons. When driving around town, you need to pay attention to everything around you. Cars, pedestrians, noise – there’s plenty to look out for! In addition, a city bike should be light, have a wide saddle and… you must like it!

Be guided by your taste!

Don’t make the mistake of buying a bike just because a store assistant tells you it’s the best for city riding. Asking a specialist for advice is a good idea, but ideally they should recommend several models so you can choose the perfect one for you. You certainly have your specific idea of the bike you want to ride around town, so trust your taste. Aesthetics matter, and you’ll be more likely to get on a bike you simply like. 

How about an electric bike?

An increasingly popular choice when it comes to a bike for the city is the electric bike. Both young and old are choosing it – everyone who wants to easily get around the city without getting in a car or bus. It’s unlikely that you’ll burn off a lot of calories and you’ll pay a lot for such equipment, but you have to admit that an electric bike has a lot of advantages!

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