Scooters are still in vogue. What should you consider when choosing a model for yourself?

Scooters are still in vogue. What should you consider when choosing a model for yourself?
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Scooters are increasingly becoming an alternative to urban transport, and even to bicycles, rollerblades or walking. Both children and adults fall in love with them. You should start your adventure with scooters by choosing the right vehicle. What should you pay special attention to?

Advantages of riding a scooter

Apart from invaluable fun, riding a scooter brings countless benefits to our health. While riding we use the muscles of the lower body, thus strengthening and shaping them. In addition to the legs, we also work on the trunk and abdominal muscles, which are responsible for maintaining balance. Depending on the intensity of the effort, an hour ride will help us burn from 400 to 500 kcal – that’s more than riding a bike. Statistically, riding a scooter is low in injury and does not strain the joints.

What to look for when choosing a scooter?

A good scooter should first of all be stable and made of strong materials, preferably aluminum. At the same time it should not be heavy, so that it can be easily transported, for example to the upper floors of a building. You should also check whether it can be folded. A stand may prove useful, thanks to which we will be able to place the scooter virtually anywhere

When buying a scooter it is worth paying attention to the wheels – the best are those made of rubber, with a diameter of 150-200 millimetres. Thanks to them we will be able to overcome small obstacles and bumps in the road with ease, and the scooter will be manoeuvrable and will allow us to maintain balance. Another important element of the equipment is the anti-slip pad on the platform, which does not wear off. It will ensure our safety while riding and will help us maintain a stable position. Another useful feature may be an adjustable handlebar, thanks to which we can easily adjust the scooter to our height

We can’t forget about the additional accessories that will ensure safety while riding – a helmet and pads are a must, which every fan of riding a scooter should be equipped with.

Types of scooters

We divide the scooters according to their purpose and the way of riding. Before buying one you should consider which one will be the most suitable for you.

Recreational scooter

Recreational scooters are used for short distances and for entertainment. Ideal for casual rides to improve our fitness.

Transport scooter

This one, on the other hand, will be great for longer distances. They are usually equipped with larger wheels, which improves the comfort of the ride. When choosing this type of scooter, it is especially worth paying attention to the folding option and the rubber wheels, which have a better grip

Stunt scooter

Created for doing tricks and riding on ramps and obstacles. They are lower than scooters designed for riding, which makes them not as comfortable when traveling long distances. The reinforced construction will make it perfect for performing all sorts of stunts in the skate park

Three-wheeled scooter

These scooters are usually designed for younger children who are just learning to keep their balance and practice their motor coordination. The three wheels, smaller than those of adult vehicles, will guarantee more support and stability, making this type of scooter safer

Electric scooter

The most expensive of all the previously mentioned options. Equipped with a motor, it allows riding without pushing off with your leg. It can accelerate up to 30 km/h and has a battery life of 60 to 80 minutes

Maintenance of the scooter

Before each time you set out on the road, check that all screws and other components are tightened sufficiently. The scooter should be kept in a dry place and not allowed to come in contact with moisture as much as possible

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