Diving equipment – what to consider when buying it?

Diving equipment – what to consider when buying it?
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To begin the adventure with the activity, which is scuba diving, good intentions are not enough, you will also need the appropriate equipment. It will ensure safety and allow for extraordinary experiences under water.

To some people it may seem, that diving is an activity intended only for a few professionals in this field. This is not true. Anyone can try their hand at it. In addition to the desire, it is essential to be well prepared, in good shape and with decent equipment. Choosing the right tools makes it easier to learn diving, ensures safety and allows you to enjoy unforgettable moments at depth.

Before you start shopping

Before buying diving equipment, you need to answer some important questions. First of all, you should think about its purpose. The key will be, among other things, whether you are just starting this activity, or maybe you are already a seasoned diver. With experience comes a better understanding of the offer on the market and knowledge of what you really need and how the equipment works. Much also depends on the places chosen for swimming and preferred style.

Today, there is an extremely wide range of equipment available for water activities. On the one hand, this is great – everyone can find exactly what they need and choose a complete supply. On the other hand, however, this can make it difficult to make the best choice, especially if you are a beginner. This often leads to an unsuccessful purchase.

Basic equipment

A person starting his adventure with diving should first of all care about solid quality. All the better if it is combined with a satisfactory price. There is also the aspect of comfort and safety, especially important in this activity.

To start at all, you need to complete the basic accessories, without which diving will not be possible. These certainly include a mask, fins and a snorkel. For more advanced is also a wetsuit and oxygen bottle.

The mask provides good visibility under the surface, prevents water from getting into the mouth and nose, and also serves to equalize the pressure. When buying it, you need to be guided primarily by the tightness, so that the equipment in no way protrudes and is perfectly suited to the shape of the face. Additionally, you need to check if it holds without the support of a strap.

Another important issue is to provide space for the nose, so that you can freely and easily let the air out during the dive.

When deciding on a snorkel that allows you to breathe during the dive, you should pay attention to many important parameters, such as its length, diameter or mouthpiece type. In the case of the former parameter, it is recommended that the equipment be as short as possible.

When it comes to diving fins, there are several types available on the market. It’s worth distinguishing them in order to make the right choice for you. The main division takes into account two types – fin fins and strap fins. In addition, you can talk about hard or soft fins. In the case of beginner divers the first ones are recommended rather.

Types of diving

As mentioned earlier, the selection of equipment is also influenced by the style of diving. The main methods that are distinguished are:

– snorkeling – means swimming gently just below the surface of the water. For this you use especially a mask and a tube, which allows you to breathe. Flippers are sometimes an addition to this set,

– Apnea diving – this type of diving involves holding your breath underwater. It requires a mask and fins,

– scuba diving – is intended for more advanced divers, because it is characterized by descending to greater depths. It is necessary in this case to use many pieces of equipment, including fins and cylinders,

– technical diving – this style is chosen by the most specialized in this activity people. It is distinguished by descending to the greatest depth, so it requires special, carefully selected and complete equipment.

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