Is make-up for the slopes the height of elegance? We tell you how to achieve it

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Is make-up for the slopes the height of elegance? We tell you how to achieve it
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Snowy slopes, you’re skiing or snowboarding, but what about makeup? You don’t have to give it up. On the contrary, it will act as a kind of quilt that protects you from the cold, wind and harsh sun, which prevail on the slopes in winter.

First of all, care

Not a chance! Before applying any color cosmetics, hair care is essential. On the slopes the temperature will be constantly below zero degrees Celsius, and in such conditions the best solution is a semi-greasy and fatty cream, with the help of which you will strengthen the so-called lipid coat of the skin. The skin will not freeze or dry out. Moisturizing formulas are better left at home, here they will not be useful at all.

Of course, each cream must contain a protective UVA and UVB filters – with a minimum value of SPF 20. Why? The sun on the slopes can be really strong, and moreover, the rays refract and reflect off the snow. When applying, don’t skip any areas and let the sunscreen absorb completely. Also remember to apply an eye cream – this area is really very thin and sensitive. Alternatively, you can also apply a silicone foundation base.

Foundation, powder and blush

Now it is time for the first color cosmetics. Here, as with skincare, heavier textures are needed. Face primer should be long-lasting, thicker (it can also be in a compact) and opaque, as well as of extended durability. Its additional advantage will undoubtedly be having a sunscreen.

In addition, the best choice is to highlight your cheeks with a cream or liquid blush, which will last much longer than the one in powder and will look more natural.

Make sure to cover the whole face with loose or pressed powder, preferably transparent. It will make your complexion more matte but also create a protective layer against unfavorable weather conditions. If you skip the powder, your makeup may simply melt.

With all these steps, you can be sure that all your makeup will remain intact, despite the physical exertion of skiing or snowboarding.

Color on the eyelids

Just as ski clothing usually comes in intense colors, you can go wild with your makeup for the slopes. Choose at least two shadows, one for the inner corner of your eye and the whole eyelid, and a darker one for the crease and the outer corner.

We recommend cream, stick or liquid eye shadows, which set quickly and are then untouchable until you remove your make-up. This way you don’t have to worry about having any stains after just a moment.

You can also line your upper lash line with a waterproof eyeliner or pencil, of course. Go for a bold, vibrant color if you feel like it. And make sure your mascara is waterproof so it won’t smudge or smear, even in changing temperatures or snow.

Protect your lips

Finally, there are the lips. You can’t skip this part of your makeup either. Lip skin is sensitive to winter conditions. Cold and wind are not good for it. It is necessary to protect your lips from moisture loss, chapping and painful cracking.

Use a lipstick or lip balm that not only contains sunscreen but also waxes, vegetable oils, silicones and care ingredients such as vitamins A and E. If you follow all these steps, you can be sure that your makeup will survive any slope madness.

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