5 Asian cosmetic brands you should try on your own skin

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5 Asian cosmetic brands you should try on your own skin
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Asian cosmetics are world-renowned and respected for their effectiveness. Which brands are worth testing?

Women around the world are eager to use Asian cosmetics. Until a few years ago, such products were available only in online stores, today they can be easily found in stationary drugstores. No wonder, Asian skin care is highly valued, and women from the Far East are known for their beautiful, healthy, radiant and youthful-looking skin. Which cosmetic brands are worth paying attention to and which are particularly recommended by female users? We check!

1. Boutijour

Korean cosmetics Boutijour can be found in professional beauty salons, but many ladies also reach for them at home. They are natural and effectively nullify the signs of aging, leaving the skin young and beautiful. Particularly noteworthy are lifting sheet masks, eye pads, scrubs and serums. Boutijour products also improve hydration and skin tone.

2. Beaudiani 

Beaudiani are Korean cosmetics that derive their power from aromatherapy. The idea behind the creation of these products was to create cosmetics that the whole family can reach for. The brand has a range of cosmetics with certified vegan products. Beaudiani uses plant extracts and relies on nature. The company’s most popular cosmetics are sheet masks, moisturizers and facial mists. Thanks to their aromatic effects, the cosmetics not only nurture, but also soothe the mind and relax.

3. Iren Skin

Japanese brand Iren Skin is very popular. It has become famous primarily for its serums, which help get rid of various skin problems, such as acne and hyperpigmentation. A huge advantage of this brand is the ability to personalize products, so several cosmetics can be combined into one tailored to our needs.

4. Ruhaku

Another Japanese brand that has achieved worldwide success. The cosmetics come from Okinawa, a place that is famous for the longevity of the people living there. As such, it’s no surprise that the cosmetics offered by Ruhaku fight the signs of aging. One of the main ingredients in the brand’s products is the extract of alpine common, which not only makes the skin younger, but also better moisturized.

5. Holika Holika

The Holika Holika brand originated in Korea. It offers many iconic products with aloe vera. For example, a light cream with sunscreen is hugely popular. There is also an aloe vera gel for face and body or regenerating sheet masks. It is even considered that the company is one of the most recognized in the world when it comes to Korean cosmetics.

main photo: unsplash.com/Toa Heftiba

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