How to care for your hair during hot weather?

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How to care for your hair during hot weather?
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The hot summer days are a time of perspiration. This makes the hair greasy much faster and requires frequent shampooing. But should your hair care look the same as it always does in hot tropical weather? We like to share with you some tips on how to care for your hair in the warm weather

How Do I Know How to Tame Downy Hair?

In hot weather, the air humidity often rises and the thick humidity is reflected in the hair. Curly hair in particular tends to frizz more and more due to the slightest hint of moisture. How to control it? In this case, emollients and silicones come to the rescue. Although silicones are also emollients, they are in a slightly different category than oils or butters. Silicones not only add weight but also smooth the hair and do this to a much greater extent than oil. When shampooing, avoid humectants, which will further deflate your hair, and focus more on emollients. Go for oils for a slightly higher porosity, like yours, then they will really add weight and smoothness

Emollients are your friends

During the hot season, you may also feel that your hair is dry. As we wrote above, humectants in this case can work badly on your hair. Instead of moisturizing ingredients, opt for emollients that wrap and protect your hair. They won’t moisturize the hair, but the oils will lock the moisture inside the hair and prevent water loss. Emollients will add shine to your hair and make it look beautiful and healthy

In addition to applying an emollient conditioner and serum, it can help to do all your hair care with cosmetics from one series, such as moroccanoil. This company’s products contain oils tailored to different hair porosities and will perfectly smooth and wrap your hair with a layer that stops heat-induced dryness. The ingredients from the same company complement each other best and will therefore do your hair the most good.

Avoid Colouring Your Hair on Hot Days

Colouring your hair severely weakens it and dries it out. On hot days, avoid exposing your hair to damaging processes. Especially if you color your hair very light or in crazy colors, which require bleaching, opt for hair colouring treatments, which are gentler on your hair in summer. There are hair cosmetics in the moroccanoil range that can dye your hair in a minimally invasive way. They are ideal for refreshing your hair color when a visit to the hair salon can be harmful to your hair’s condition. Bleaching is an exothermic reaction, which means that it produces heat. With the heat reaching above thirty degrees Celsius, treating your hair with bleach can end tragically for your hair

Use a Hair Care Treatment

In hot weather, the cuticle lifts and hair can break down faster. However, you can take advantage of the fact that the cuticle is lifted and cosmetics are better able to penetrate the hair. This will be the perfect time to oil on a protein base to strengthen your hair and replenish the damage caused by the opening of the cuticle. Proteins such as keratin, silk, milk, pea or soy proteins will penetrate the hair perfectly and fill in the areas where keratin has been depleted. You can also do laminating with gelatin or agar in pure or jelly form.
After such a treatment, always remember to close the hair cuticle by pouring cool water over the hair and drying it with a cool blow dryer. You can also rinse your hair with apple or raspberry vinegar to close the raised cuticle. To dry your hair, you can use a special smoothing product that moroccanoil online store offers.

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