5 beauty secrets of Italian women

5 beauty secrets of Italian women
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Where does the secret of Italian beauty lie? Several factors contribute to it, such as beauty treatments, a healthy Mediterranean diet and an incredible sense of style

Italian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty certainly catches the eye not only of men but also of slightly jealous ladies who would like to know what the secret of their appearance is. We check what are the beauty secrets of Italian women

Chocolate – not just for eating

Mediterranean beauties love dark chocolate. Of course they like to eat cubes of this sweetness full of natural cocoa, because it provides endorphins and is healthy.Chocolate is also a real feast for the body. Italian women not only eat (in moderation) chocolate, but also like to undergo extraordinary massages with hot chocolate – at home as well as in professional beauty salons.

Such treatments are called “youth antidote” because the valuable properties of cocoa beans nourish and regenerate tired skin and improve microcirculation. This is due to the fact that cocoa beans are rich in caffeine, which stimulates blood circulation and, which for many ladies will certainly be great news, accelerates fat burning.

Natural, organic and homemade cosmetics are the basis

Italian women love to take care of themselves, using natural products for body care with simple and healthy composition for the skin. These women not only read labels when shopping, but also make many of the specifications themselves

Lemon juice and water, for example, make an ideal skin toner. How does it work? It perfectly tones and brightens the skin and because of the high content of vitamin C it also shows antioxidant properties. Coffee, in turn, perfectly exfoliates dead epidermis, it is best to use it as a scrub just before a bath. Italian women choose it in combination with coconut oil, which perfectly smooths the skin. In addition, it also improves its elasticity, moisturizes, softens and works well for excessive cellulite

Interestingly, one of the Italian beauty secrets is rubbing garlic into skin that is struggling with acne. Garlic has antibacterial properties and is great for soothing inflammation.

Relaxation is a priority

For maintaining impeccable beauty, proper relaxation is also important, as relaxation is essential when it comes to maintaining a young and beautiful appearance. For Italian women, it is extremely important to maintain life’s balance.

Mediterranean beauties especially love skin massage. It’s a regular Italian beauty ritual that ensures a smooth, soft and supple complexion. The women there use lotion or moisturizing cosmetics and massage their bodies thoroughly.

Italian women also benefit from the sun’s beneficial effects on their complexion. Of course, exposing the body to the sun, they apply a lot of creams with high sunscreens to protect the skin from excessive UV rays.

Aloe Vera for healthy and thick hair

Women in southern Europe have beautiful, well-groomed, thick and, above all, healthy hair. Do you know what their secret is? Aloe vera! Although Italian women inherit strong and shiny hair in their genes, many of them pay special attention to hair care. Aloe vera is one of the healthiest plants in the world. Its pulp contains antioxidants and is anti-fungal. Italian women regularly drink aloe vera diluted with water because it removes toxins from the body. They use various aloe vera rubs on the scalp, which stimulates circulation and stimulates hair follicle growth.

Black soap – a way to dry and allergy-prone skin

Black soap is a product which every Italian woman who cares about the perfect condition of her skin has in her bathroom. Why? Because this cosmetic has many health-giving properties and, above all, it contains no dyes or artificial fragrances. It has a moisturizing effect on the skin, so it is recommended especially to owners of dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

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