Summer in the city – we suggest what fabrics to wear to feel comfortable

Summer in the city – we suggest what fabrics to wear to feel comfortable
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Summer presents us with many fashion challenges. Regardless of the style you prefer, when temperatures start to skyrocket, it’s worth betting on tried-and-true fabrics that will keep you comfortable during this hot time. Even if you dream of being on a Croatian beach, summer in the city can also have its charm… in the form of your closet!

Linen comfort

There’s a reason linen is a fabric that’s so popular in the North African Mediterranean regions. It’s perfect for summer, so invest in linen pants and shirts. Don’t worry about covering your entire body – that’s where the magic of linen lies! There are few fabrics that can boast air permeability to such an extent. An additional advantage of this material is that it has amazing hygroscopic properties, thanks to which it wicks moisture away from the skin and can absorb huge amounts of sweat, while remaining dry. It is influenced by the fact, that it evaporates water very quickly. All this means that you will feel airy and cool in your linen clothes, much more so than if you were wearing a full body suit. Combine a linen shirt and shorts and flip-flops for summerand you have the perfect outfit for summer days in the middle of the city.

Cool wool

Although we mainly associate it with thick winter sweaters, we should not forget about the unique qualities of wool, which make this fabric stay with you all year round. Namely, it has thermo-regulating properties, thanks to which it is able to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. What is more, it is able to separate moisture from the skin, so it is perfect for summer dresses or airy blouses. An open weave of wool fibers, called tropical or cool wool in stores, was created especially for the holiday months. However, always remember to read the labels! It may turn out that what is advertised as cool wool is in fact not viscose. There is no denying that the latter material also has its advantages, but it is good to be aware of what you are buying

Cotton classic

Cotton has similar properties to linen. It too can absorb moisture and stay dry at the same time! In addition, it is an inexpensive material, which makes it a definite choice for comfortable summer outfits. Make sure you go for one hundred percent cotton though! Especially recommended for summer is the so-called oxford cotton, which prevents your body from excessive heating and your skin can breathe freely. Although you may think that the material looks warm because of its linen-like weave, the reality is quite different. A cotton dress will work perfectly when paired with sneakers.

Viscose – artificial, but is it really?

Did you know that although viscose is called an artificial fabric, it is actually made of cellulose, which is a plant material? It is included in the group of artificial fabrics because of the complicated process by which it is created. However, it does not differ in any way from the previously mentioned natural materials. Viscose is also breathable, and in addition to cooling properties, it also has … antiseptic properties. It does not irritate or sensitize, which is especially important for people with delicate skin. Viscose is a lightweight and very pleasant material. Choose a viscose blouse with an interesting pattern and combine it with a loose, linen skirt and you will look perfect.

Modal or improved viscose

Also made from cellulose, but the process uses up to 20 times less water than traditional cotton. The many benefits of modal don’t end with the environmental aspect. It is extremely breathable and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton! It is often used for sportswear, and since summer encourages more physical activity, a modal blended cotton set will be a great choice for jogging on warm days

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