5 things French it-girls will never do to their hair

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5 things French it-girls will never do to their hair
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They have their own unforced but very feminine style. They take good care of their hair and avoid excessive styling. Find out what else French it-girls do not do.

French Chic – What Hairstyles Do They Wear?

French women are admired by women all over the world for their style, class and nonchalance. They look well groomed and natural at all times and in all places. Their hairstyles also attract attention.

Just as they avoid combinations in fashion, the same applies to their hair. They wear artistic (yet well thought-out) disorderly, loose waves and longer bangs. Sophisticated updos with lots of hair spray are not their cup of tea. It should be fresh and light. However, all this is the result of various prohibitions and orders, which they strictly follow.

Dyeing your hair? Absolutely not!

Women coming from France respect nature and do not interfere with it. There is no question of platinum blonde, fiery red or strong black, and certainly not of any avant-garde shades such as pink, blue or purple.

Coloring is allowed only in two cases. Either to cover up grey hairs or to emphasise your natural color – the key word here is ’emphasise’. French women leave the hairdresser’s to look as if they were born with this hair color. To accentuate blonde or brown hair, subtle highlights are perfect.

In their view, hair dyes are damaging, drying and often far from natural, except for herbal hair dyes, which have additional conditioning properties.

Down with the hair dryer

No hair dryer is to be found in the bathroom or dressing table of a French woman. In the winter they wash their hair in the evening so as not to leave the house with a wet head in the morning. If they go to bed with slightly damp strands of hair, they do so only on a silk pillowcase, which allows the hair to glide through the bed without damaging it.

Washing your hair in the evening also has other benefits. Overnight, your hair gains structure and is slightly kinky. In the morning, all you need is a cream, oil or light spray to fix the whole look.

Hot air from a hair dryer would not only damage your hair but would also make it too frizzy and smooth.

Washing Hair Yes, But Not Every Day

Coming back to washing hair, French women don’t do it every day, but at least once every two-three days. In the meantime, they use dry shampoo. This way, not only do they take care of the condition of their hair, but it’s also easier for them to create a messy look later on. The next day, the hair is not as loose and it is easier to tie it into a loose bun.

Another trick these women use is to spritz their hair with a little perfume. This is not only a way to keep your hair smelling longer but also more intensive.

Say No to Drugstore Cosmetics

French women attach great importance to cosmetics. For the most part, they choose products made in their country, but not from any drugstore, but sold in pharmacies or hair salons.

They trust the professional performance of cosmetics, especially when it comes to moisturizing. They often look for beneficial oils and other natural ingredients in the composition. Their advantage is also a beautiful scent.

Accessories are unnecessary

What else do French women not do? They do not use hair accessories. We are talking about all sorts of large and small hair clips, headbands, buckles and clips. Neither do they wear jewellery combs, tiaras, or decorative scrunchies on their heads. There is one most important reason for this – these gadgets would unnecessarily distract from their natural waves, but also could damage the hair.

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