A successfully positioned travel agency – is it trustworthy?

A successfully positioned travel agency – is it trustworthy?
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There’s no doubt that when you’re planning a vacation, you’re looking for a reliable and trusted travel agent. If you’re in doubt whether those companies that rank high on Google are really worth entrusting your money to them, read our article. Learn about the agency and their experts who are responsible for SEO. Today, we talked about technical SEO and non-technical SEO with SEO agency iCEA, and Phoenix SEO expert.

SEO basics 

How high up in the search results a website will appear depends on SEO. Search engine optimization, or search engine optimization, is a series of processes designed to improve a website’s visibility on Google and increase traffic to it. Nowadays, this is such an important issue that there is no chance that the top-ranked websites will be there by accident. 

Mostly because the technical SEO process is time-consuming and complicated, but also because of Google’s actions. The company makes every effort to make the search results match the audience’s queries as well as possible. So let’s see why an effectively positioned travel agency website is trustworthy.

Search intent

Phoenix SEO expert wants us to think about internet user intent. This is one of the most important factors in SEO. Google tries to adjust the displayed sites in such a way that the customer immediately gets a valuable answer and receives the desired information. So algorithms check keywords, text quality, metadata and other factors.

That way, when you type in “trip to Dubai,” you’re actually shown tour offers, not blog posts about attractions in Dubai. Similarly, when you search for “travel agency Sochaczew”, you will get companies from Sochaczew in response, and not from Warsaw or Katowice.

Highly positioned websites are well optimized for search intent and thus do not disappoint users and guarantee quick access to the desired information.

Taking care of the position

Another issue is to constantly monitor the site in terms of SEO, so as not to fall in the search results. Google’s algorithms change frequently, the web itself is also dynamic, so if companies want to be well positioned, according to SEO agency iCEA they must take care of: 

  • Constant control of keywords: their click-through rate, the position of the site after typing a given phrase, etc, 
  • High performance of the site and its fast loading,
  • Frequent publication of new content that is valuable and meets specific criteria,
  • Gathering user feedback,
  • Implementing structured data.

In many cases, when companies do not know how to effectively acquire valuable external links, optimize text and images well or fight against duplicate content, they use external services. Outsourcing SEO activities to specialized agencies is, of course, paid, so necessarily – poor quality, poorly performing travel agencies could not afford such an expense. 

Time is of the essence 

It takes quite a long time to get a high search engine position. After optimizing a website for technical SEO, the effects will not appear the next day or in a week https://www.icea-group.com/technical-seo/. It usually takes from six months to even a year. As Phoenix SEO expert admits – the websites that appear in your browser when you type in a given query must have been doing SEO for a long time. Of course, we’re talking about organic search results here, not paid ads. Such companies are therefore active, have a budget and adequate resources.

So is it worth trusting? 

In short – yes. Since Google started to expand its algorithms and very carefully check the content of the site when giving it a specific position, investing in SEO activities for an unreliable site is simply not worth it. Both in terms of cost and time spent. 

So when you are looking for a travel agency, you can be sure that companies with high Google rankings are reliable. However, SEO agency iCEA recommends checking out the various offers, including those of companies in lower positions. This is because it is such a popular industry that there are very many people vying for the podium.

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  • Robert Stewart 17.08.2022

    I agree with you, and in my opinion also companies with high positions in the search engine are much more reliable. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of effort and commitment. The high-ranking pages certainly do not use any questionable techniques, as this would be quickly detected by the Google algorithm. They owe everything to hard work. It is worth noting that Google cares about the user experience and places in high positions the pages that are best for them.

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