Swimming – what can we owe by giving a regular “dive” into the pool?

Swimming – what can we owe by giving a regular “dive” into the pool?
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Swimming is a sport for everyone, regardless of age or ability. So are the health benefits of time spent in the pool. Discover the main advantages of this activity.

1. Body shaping

Swimming is a great way to lose excess weight. During physical activity performed in water a large number of calories are burned. At the same time, swimming has a beneficial effect on your silhouette. Due to the involvement of all muscle groups, it contributes to their development and body shaping. The silhouette becomes more slender and athletic. Water activities therefore contribute to a healthy and attractive appearance

2. Improves condition

Spending time in a swimming pool moves the whole body. Compared to other sports, such as running, where the greatest emphasis is placed on the leg muscles, swimming allows the involvement of many more muscle groups. This has a positive effect on your fitness as well as your stamina. More physical strength translates into other aspects of life, making you tire slower and more motivated, for example.

3. It’s good for the spine

One of the main muscle groups that work during swimming are those related to the spine. Importantly, water sports do not strain them. The activity in the water strengthens them, and thus has a beneficial effect on the posture. Not without a reason, going to the pool is recommended by physiotherapists. It can be part of various types of rehabilitation. It helps to reduce spinal defects in both children and adults. It is an excellent solution for people who face ailments of this body part due to a sedentary lifestyle. The swimming pool should also be visited by those suffering from joint pain and various types of injuries

4. Supports the respiratory system

Even during the first swimming classes, it is obligatory to learn proper breathing under water. This is an extremely important part of this physical activity. Swimming has a very positive effect on the respiratory system, because it improves the efficiency of the lungs. Breathing is one of the most natural activities, but in everyday life you may encounter many problems in this area, which should be reduced with proper exercises. A great workout to take care of your lungs can be done in a swimming pool, where you will learn proper breathing techniques

5. Supports the cardiovascular system

Swimming stimulates and improves blood circulation, improving the entire circulatory system. The work of the heart performed during exercise in the water has a positive effect on the condition of this organ. In this way, you can significantly reduce the risk of certain diseases, including heart attacks, and consequently even prolong your life. Swimming is also credited with reducing excessively high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

6. Improves coordination

Physical activity in water, which as you already know engages many parts of the body, serves the overall development. During swimming, we perform many movements. Do you know such a term as multitasking? When you swim, you have to remember to do many things at the same time and control your breathing. This is certainly not an easy task, especially for beginners, but it is great for fitness and coordination. The large range of movement in the water also improves flexibility and makes you more agile.

7. Gives happiness

The positive effects of swimming on the human psyche have been proven time and again. Anyway, to find out about it, it is enough to go to the swimming pool. Both during this activity, as well as during the practice of many other sports, endorphins, or hormones of happiness, are secreted. Focusing on swimming, you can forget about everyday problems, get rid of excessive muscle tension and reduce stress levels. In short, find a moment for yourself and relax. This is an ideal way to take care of your well-being, make yourself happy, and feel better and, above all, healthier.

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