Stars love skitour. We check why it is worth practising this sport

Stars love skitour. We check why it is worth practising this sport
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Skitouring is a fairly fresh trend among winter sports, although it is by no means a new invention! How does skitouring differ from skiing and what made it so popular? Find out what made this sport so famous!

What is skitouring?

Foreign-sounding name of this sport can scare some people, but calm down, there is nothing to be afraid of. Skitouring is a combination of mountain hiking with downhill and cross-country skiing. This form of activity is not new at all, its history actually predates skiing. Before there were ski slopes, ski lifts and queues to them, people were just practicing skitouring.

Skitouring consists of hiking in the mountains on skis with attached so-called seals, which allow you to climb uphill. Once you reach a satisfactory height, the seals are detached from your skis so you can freely descend

Recently on her Instagram the idea of skitouring perfectly summarized Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak.

Skiing vs skitouring – what’s the difference?

Downhill skiing is a favorite winter sport for many people, but such skiing takes place in a strictly designated area. On the slopes, you are dependent on the ski lift, which always requires waiting in long lines to get back up the mountain. To this from all sides we are surrounded by people, over the head every now and then someone waving us a ski, and everything takes place to the accompaniment of hundreds of loud conversations, screams and laughter. Such rest will not satisfy everyone

Skitouring allows for much more freedom. We choose the route we want to go and see, but the price for this freedom is a greater physical effort. In skitoury you have to go up the mountain yourself, from which you want to descend. This may seem like a downside to skitouring to some, but for mountain climbers and hikers it’s just the perfect combination. While going uphill, you can soak up the stunning scenery, enjoy the fresh mountain air, and enjoy the peace and quiet

Why do celebrities love skitouring so much?

This winter sport can be done away from the crowds, with a small group of friends. In such circumstances, the likelihood of meeting fans decreases, and yet this is the most important thing for celebrities on vacation. No celebrity goes on vacation to hand out autographs and pose for pictures. On quiet, less-traveled mountain trails, you can get a break from the flashes and paparazzi. Besides, most celebrities live in large, crowded and noisy cities. Spending a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the big city is a dream come true for many celebrities

Additionally, skitouring is quite physically demanding, so one such mountain hike can be a nice substitute for a day at the gym. As it is widely known, TV celebrities have to give about their figure always, even on vacation. This form of physical activity combines the pleasant with the useful

Numerous comments from other celebrities appeared under Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak’s previously mentioned post. Marta Kuligowska commented on Woźniak-Starak’s photo, writing: “I love skydiving in these hard times legal and healthy”. It even turned out that both stars use the same skitour rental shop!

A few days ago, Anna Kalczynska’s Instagram also featured a post in which the journalist shares her love for skitouring

Skitouring is the hottest trend among winter sports lately. With the closure of ski slopes in 2021, many skiers yearning for a break have opted for this activity. Practicing skitouring is not against the law in pandemic, does not threaten with financial penalties, and gives great satisfaction. In contrast to skiing on the slopes, with skitouring we have the opportunity to directly interact with nature, which in modern times is not once a luxury.

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