Audrey Hepburn style eyebrows – a new trend of this season

Audrey Hepburn style eyebrows – a new trend of this season
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Properly emphasized eyebrows are the best frame for the eyes. Do you know how to style them this season? Audrey Hepburn style eyebrows are a real hot trend for the coming months. Find out more!

Fashionable eyebrows are the basis of makeup!

You know what can spoil even the most successful makeup? Of course – incompetent eyebrow styling. It is really worth taking care of it, because the eye frame (not only when it comes to using eye shadow) has a strong influence on the appearance. Fashionable eyebrows have changed over the years. In the past, more plucked eyebrows were on top, later natural ones. Clear eyebrows in the style of Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn are a hot trend right now! We have no doubts that Audrey’s timeless look is something worth inspiring. Trendsetters know this! Check which celebrities choose this trend and how you can achieve this effect.

Audrey Hepburn’s eyebrows – what are they?

Okay, but what specific effect are we talking about? We mean thick, expressive eyebrows with a fairly straight curve. There is no question of plucking them into a thin line, as it was fashionable a few years ago, on the contrary. To achieve this, start by growing your hair. The more of them, the better, although of course they should be under control, but this is later, when making make-up. Special conditioners, available in every major drugstore, will help you grow your eyebrows. The right cosmetic and a little patience – this is all and enough to give your eyebrows the right volume.

Straight eyebrows, amazing effect!

While the Audrey Hepburn style eyebrows are simple, they are truly unique and add character to the face. It is worth remembering that Audrey was a woman of delicate, girly beauty, so this type of eyebrow was contrasting. This combination has definitely proved to be successful and more and more people are using it. Years go by, Audrey’s style does not! There is no doubt that simplicity is strength. The apparent heaviness of the eyebrows in the Audrey Hepburn style is the key to success, as many modern Hollywood stars have found out. Ronney Mara, Zoe Kravitz, Kendall Jenner – these are just some of the women who choose such styling. You can join them!

How to make an eyebrow in the style of Audrey Hepburn?

How to do this eyebrow makeup? Start by drawing your eyebrows where there are cavities. You can do it with your favorite pencil matching the color of your hair. Continue until your eyebrows are visibly thickened. Then, comb them in the direction where the hair grows. Try to make the effect as natural as possible. Don’t forget to fix the whole thing with a styling gel.

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