What beauty treatments to indulge in and what beauty souvenirs to bring back from your Indian trip?

What beauty treatments to indulge in and what beauty souvenirs to bring back from your Indian trip?
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Perfect complexion and shiny hair – women in India know how to take care of their beauty and it is worth taking an example from them. They mainly use natural mixtures, flowers, oils or fruits. In addition, the care is also a kind of ritual.

Recommended treatments in India

The treatments performed in this distant country are in accordance with the philosophy of ayurveda, i.e. a holistic approach, the art of healing that restores the balance of body and spirit and purifies the body. The treatments are based on the use of oils, which have amazing properties. Hair oiling, scrubs with oils, masks – it is all worth trying.

One example is netra vasti, an Ayurvedic eye bath in clarified butter. Although it sounds quite surprising, it is very relaxing and gentle. It deeply cleanses, removes tension from the eye area, sharpens vision and nourishes the nervous system, in addition it removes puffiness, smoothes wrinkles and reduces dark circles under the eyes. It is suitable for people who work in front of a computer.

Also recommended is the massage of the third eye, or shirodhara. This treatment regenerates strongly, cleanses from toxins, reduces tension, and at the same time helps with insomnia, anxiety, memory problems and some skin problems. It consists in pouring a stream of warm oil (sesame oil) over the forehead and a proper face massage.

It is also good to use abhyanga– a full body, head and face massage with the use of herbal oils. It has an excellent effect on the skin and eyesight, and at the same time it is supposed to help maintain the spiritual-physical balance and get rid of toxins.

These cosmetics are worth bringing from India

When traveling in India, it is worth supplementing your cosmetic bag with several products. Certainly you should pay attention to the Ayurvedic cosmetics, which have in its composition only natural ingredients (oils, healthy water and minerals). Their effect on the skin is invaluable.

You also can not go indifferent to the natural oils and essential oils, which oriental fragrance compositions are unique and exceptional. Indian women appreciate the properties of, among others, coconut oil, which they apply mainly to hair. Thanks to this they are well moisturized, soft and pleasant to the touch and elastic, and the ends are regenerated.

Beauty souvenir, contrary to appearances, is also turmeric. It is a spice which we add not only to curry, but also from which you can prepare great masks. It has a versatile effect – anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial. This makes it perfect for dealing with imperfections and severe acne, cleansing pores, soothing inflammation and evening out skin tone. However, you have to remember that turmeric can stain the skin, so it is best to use it in the evening.

Noteworthy is also the perfume, completely different from what we know so far. In India, you can usually buy the essences to be mixed according to your own preferences – and here beware, in the vast majority of these are really strong scents. So it is worth spending a little more time and calmly choose the right scents. Perfumes are also full of oils, natural, without alcohol, which makes them safe for sensitive or allergic skin.

Indian women do not use synthetic dyes to darken their hair or to give it a delicate color. For this they use henna, which has an additional effect on the condition of the hair strands. The henna leaves your hair beautifully shiny and has an interesting shade. It is a good idea to buy henna just to try it out for a while.

In India, it’s also good to stock up on eye color cosmetics, specifically kajal and kohl, which are of very good quality and don’t cost much. Their black color is highly saturated and you can easily draw a beautiful black line on your eyelid with them.

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