Beauty secrets of Greek women

Beauty secrets of Greek women
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Greek women amaze with their extraordinary beauty – many people wonder what is the secret of their attractive appearance? Let’s find out how these beautiful women take care of their everyday appearance!

How do Greek women take care of their face? Olive oil masks

Greek women are known for their beautiful, breakfasty, luminous complexions that are the envy of women all over the world. How do Greek women take care of their facial skin? It’s simple: the secret to their youthful appearance lies in using natural and easily accessible products rich in precious nutrients as part of their daily beauty routine. Greek women like to use olive oil masks for their beauty regimen as it moisturizes the skin and slows down the aging process.

Overexposure to the sun – aloe vera gel relieves the effects of intense sunbathing

Aloe vera is fantastic for soothing sunburn. If you have overdone it, aloe vera wraps will soothe and relieve your skin. To improve skin tone, give it a healthy glow, soothe inflammation and irritation, you should regularly use this natural cosmetic, well known in Greece.

Simply squeeze the fresh pulp from the leaves of the plant and apply it to the face to quickly see an improvement in skin condition. An alternative may be ready-made preparations containing aloe vera in their composition. In drugstores you will find plenty of creams, mists and tonics with this ingredient in the leading role.

Body care in the Greek style – the extraordinary power of olive oil

If we want to enjoy a smooth, velvety to the touch body, we should remember about regular exfoliation. Olive oil and coarse-grained sugar can be used for exfoliation. It is worth reaching for body lotions, milks and soaps, which contain olive oil in their composition. Such cosmetics can be used by owners of sensitive, dry as well as problematic skin.

Beautiful hands and nails like Aphrodite’s – olive oil and natural oils

Olive oil is used by Greeks not only to take care of their face and body skin, but also their nails. Nourishing rubs and baths for hands strengthen and regenerate the nail plate. How to prepare this olive concoction? Just slightly heat olive oil, add a few drops of lemon juice and a dash of your favorite essential oil. Mix all the ingredients and then rub the conditioner into your nails (at least twice a week). In addition to olive oil, we can also use for hand care:

  • evening primrose oil (it is a remedy for brittle nails),
  • sweet almond oil (smoothens and moisturizes),
  • argan oil (a rich source of vitamin E and fatty acids),
  • castor oil (smoothens cuticles, accelerates growth and beautifully shines the plate),
  • jojoba oil (softens dry cuticles and nourishes nails).

How do Greek women take care of their hair? Rosemary rinses

Greek women have thick, strong and dense hair with a healthy shine. This is mainly due to frequent rosemary rinses, which stimulate microcirculation and prevent excessive hair loss. Thanks to herbal rinses hair is more manageable and does not frizz

Rosemary strengthens hair bulbs and stimulates their growth. The beneficial aromatic herb also helps reduce the appearance of grey hairs. A rosemary rinse is therefore a good idea if you are reluctant to color your hair and would like to cover your grey strands in a natural way

We hope our tips encourage you to care for your face, body, hair, and nails in Greek style, and that the results of at-home treatments will exceed your wildest expectations!

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