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Hot temperatures can take a toll not only on us, but also on our makeup. Find out which products will survive a trip to the tropics and give you complete protection from the sun.


Protection from the sun is a must in warm countries. You wouldn’t want your vacation to be ruined by sunburn, would you? Protect your skin and reach for a cream with a high SPF, no lower than 35+. When you apply it to your face and neck area, use enough product to cover the length of your two fingers, middle and index. If you’ve been using a smaller amount so far, you may think that a small amount is enough and a larger amount just wastes product. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order for sunscreen to give you the protection the manufacturer promises on the package, you need to be generous with your application. Using only a small grain of product on the surface of your entire face will weaken the effect of the cream.

Remember to apply the protective cosmetic twenty minutes before you leave the house. You should apply another layer of cream every two hours to fully protect yourself. If your delicate facial skin cannot tolerate such a thick layer of product, choose a high-quality protection with a light consistency. Japanese brands are known for their SPF products, which, thanks to their carefully formulated ingredient lists, don’t weigh down the skin like European creams do, while still effectively counteracting the sun’s damaging effects.

Mattifying powder

Sweat is not a taboo subject. Spending several to several hours exposed to the merciless sun, it’s normal for our skin to develop a wet glow. If you want to counteract this, make friends with a mattifying powder. Its particles will absorb sweat droplets and make sure you don’t have to worry about your nose or chin getting too shiny anymore.

Waterproof mascara

Want to enjoy the cat eye look, but worried about your products dissolving in the heat? Stock up on waterproof mascara and eyeliner to impress other vacationers without worrying that your makeup will turn you into a sad panda any minute.

Dry shampoo

After a day of playing in the heat, our hair can look less than satisfactory. If you don’t have time to wash your scalp every few hours (because who does?), use dry shampoo for a quick refresh and get your hairstyle back in order.

Remember that dry shampoo is not a complete alternative to washing your hair every few weeks. Taking proper care of your scalp is important to remove residual dirt and sebum buildup. That’s why you should take the Cleansing & Cleansing Scrubbing Cleanser with you on your tropical vacation for two shampoo for men the cleansing and exfoliating cleanser not only gets rid of product residues but also exfoliates dead skin between the hair strands.

Hand and foot cream

When you get out of the pool, don’t apply hand cream to your skin? That’s a mistake! After several hours of exposure to water, whether salty or chlorinated, your body needs a good recovery. Apply a moisturizing or oiling cream to your hands and feet from time to time to nourish your skin.

Body mist

Need to freshen up on a hot day? A body and face mist can help. Products on the market contain ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract to hydrate dry skin in addition to the crisp feel of water droplets on your face.

BB foundation

Your complexion has been going through a slump lately and you’re not sure how to deal with it? Choose a BB cream that will cover small imperfections in your face and even out your skin tone. Heavy foundations won’t work in stuffy climates, so reach for a solution with a lightweight formula.

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Main photo: Michael Block/ pexels.com

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