3 French women’s favorite hairstyles for when you have #badhairday

3 French women’s favorite hairstyles for when you have #badhairday
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Do you get up in the morning and your hair just won’t stay in place? French women have their own remedies for this problem. Use their hair style ideas and enjoy the beautiful updo – natural and chic. We have added one more bonus.

Hair Care According to French Women

French women are neat, nonchalant, natural and admired all over the world. They have their own unique and special style – both when it comes to fashion, makeup and hair, which they pay a lot of attention to. On their heads we usually see artistic but well thought-out disarray, loose waves and longer bangs. They believe in keeping it light and fresh without any fancy up-dos, styling or tons of hairspray. They wash their hair once every two or three days and in the meantime, they use dry shampoo, which not only refreshes their hair but also adds texture and shape to it.

You will also not see them wearing avant-garde and very artificial-looking colors. French women rather do not interfere with nature, coloring is usually limited to cover gray hairs or to emphasize the natural shade of hair, for example by highlights.

The same applies to styling. They let their hair dry on its own without using a hair dryer. They use products, which are not available at the drugstore but at the drugstore or hair salon. They also spritz their hair with perfume.

French women have a way with #badhairday

Chignon or low chignon

The chignon is one of the trendiest and most popular hairstyles this spring-summer season. It subtly shows off the neck, neckline and nape. The chignon is suitable for everyday wear as well as for big events. The low chignon is easy to style and looks very glamorous.

You don’t need to have long hair, collarbone length is enough. First create a centre-parting (or pull your hair back without parting), gather it all up and secure it above your neck. Alternatively, you may like to leave a few strands of hair down near your face

You can either tie your hair up finely with a soft scrunchie or, once the ponytail is done, twist the strands around the ponytail and then pin them up – either tighter or looser depending on your preference.

The iconic French braid

The braid is one of the oldest hairstyles, having been around for centuries. Intricately picked (especially from the top of the head), the strands add a charming touch. The French braid can be let loose at the back or thrown to one side, which looks very girly and nonchalant, does not require any accessories, because it is a decoration in itself. It is always long-lasting and we don’t have to worry about our hairstyle falling apart after a few hours.

Moreover, the hair can be tightly braided or the opposite, which will give it a lot of volume. There is nothing stopping French braids on either side or crowned braids, which are really impressive.

The Other Side of the Ponytail

An everyday hairstyle that always comes out and takes literally seconds is the ponytail. Loose hair doesn’t always want to cooperate and it’s a good idea to tie it all back. French women often go for ponytails tied up high, almost on top of the head or halfway down. These ponytails are loose, not slicked down and the extra strands allowed to fall close to the face give an even more natural look.

Another option is to gather only the top part of your hair into a ponytail and leave the rest of your hair loose. The scrunchy should be covered by wrapping a strand of hair around it and tucking it underneath. It’s a good idea to loosen the whole thing up a bit.

A head covering? It helps too!

French women have another way to #badhairday. It-girls add headgear to their outfit – a beret, a baseball cap or this season’s hit, the bucket hat, which resembles a fisherman’s hat.

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