Beauty secrets of Egyptian women

Beauty secrets of Egyptian women
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Even in ancient times women had their own methods to take care of their beauty. Are the treatments that Egyptian women underwent in the past, are they still effective? It is worth checking.

Modern women have many ways to ensure their healthy and radiant appearance, from a huge selection of cosmetics and various treatments, to the services of specialists. In the past, one could only dream of such facilities

However, let’s not forget that in certain eras, aesthetics and beautiful appearance were really important. The place where the cult of beauty reigned, for example, was ancient Egypt, whose famous queen, and at the same time a woman of extraordinary beauty was Cleopatra. At least this is how she was described in numerous historical accounts. Thanks to the great interest that she aroused, to this day the knowledge about the unique rituals that she underwent to maintain a beautiful appearance has survived. It is time to get to know them.

Bathing in milk

Already in antiquity, the soothing effect of milk on the skin was known, so it was in it that the Egyptian ruler took a bath. In addition, honey was poured into the bath, and rose petals were added. Such treatments had an excellent effect on the skin – it was relaxed, soft and smooth.

How about giving yourself a similar pleasure? To prepare a truly royal bath you will need similar ingredients as mentioned above. Instead of honey, for example, you can use olive oil. Then, after the care ritual is over, you should rinse everything thoroughly. The beneficial effect for the skin is guaranteed.

Rose water

It is no coincidence that we have just mentioned rose petals – the Egyptian queen was fond of these flowers and also used them for skin care. She used them, for example, as one of the ingredients in the composition of her perfume. However, the most popular was rose water, which she used for face care. This cosmetic is well known and still available in drugstores. It is a component of many products such as lotions, creams or conditioners. However, pure rose water is a natural, extremely light and beautifully scented product with many useful properties. It is recommended to put it in the place of a tonic and use it during morning and evening skin care. It is impossible to list here all the benefits it provides, because it not only moisturizes and refreshes the skin, but also has an antibacterial effect and can be helpful for people struggling with acne or blemishes.

Natural peeling

Another method known for centuries to keep the skin healthy is scrubbing. Natural ingredients that were used by the beauties of the Mediterranean, that is also the inhabitants of ancient Greece and Rome, are for example sea salt or grapes. Thanks to this type of cosmetics women got rid of dead skin. It has remained so to this day. Such a scrub can be very easy to do yourself. It is enough to get one of the above-mentioned ingredients, and then mix it with liquid honey or olive oil. After massaging it into the skin and then rinsing the cosmetic, the appearance of the skin should noticeably improve.


Finally, a product very strongly associated with Egypt, namely kohl. Under this name is simply a black ink, which used to be produced, as you can guess, only from natural raw materials. A special type of minerals was used for this, often also containing lead, an ingredient that should not be found in cosmetic products. Kohl, however, was prepared long and carefully to make it suitable for use. Later it was used by women to enhance their beauty through makeup. The fashion for eyes painted with black crayon, therefore, probably owes to the ancient Egyptian women.

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