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The culture we live in has promoted a model of a perfectly smooth body. Whether we choose to depilate or not, each of us has the right to decide individually. However, it’s worth knowing a few common myths about body shaving that can affect the condition of our skin.

At first, it’s worth noting that hair on some parts of our body is absolutely normal. They usually appear during puberty and are a sign that we are healthy.

1. Shaving accelerates hair growth and makes it grow back darker and thicker

How fast hair grows back after shaving is an individual matter that depends on genes and hormones. How often and how we shave has no effect on this. The ends of hair that grows back tend to be duller, giving the illusion that the hair is thicker. It’s also worth remembering that underarm hair grows 50% faster than leg hair.

2. Waxing causes dry, flaky skin

Epilation is a quick and easy way to soft and smooth skin. While shaving, we get rid of the top layer of dead skin, making our body silky smooth. If you remember to use a gel or cream while epilating and moisturize afterwards, you can avoid irritation and dryness.

3. Depilation makes your tan less durable and fades faster

You can’t shave your tan. On the contrary, an epilated tan can become even more visible, as it removes a layer of dead skin. Thanks to that the skin becomes more radiant and the tan becomes more visible.

4. Hair removal for silky smooth skin can only be done in a beauty salon

Beauty salons offer many hair removal techniques that are not available for home use, such as laser hair removal. However, to enjoy smooth skin, we do not have to leave the house. At the drugstore we can buy plenty of cosmetics and accessories such as razors, patches or creams, which allow us to epilate selected parts of our body in a quick and easy way.

5. Shaving razors for men and women are the same

Although many of us think that there are no differences between the razors that are described by manufacturers as designed for men and those designed for women, there are some differences between them. While the quality of the blade is the same in both of them, the difference is noticeable in their shape. They are designed to adapt individually to the shape of a woman’s body and to make them easier to hold in the hand.

6. A new razor blade causes more nicks and cuts

In practice, the opposite is true. It is the old and worn out blades that cause more cuts as they become blunt over time. Pressing the razor against the skin too hard can also cause cuts.

7. One razor can be used by several people

Sharing a razor is very unhygienic and can cause transmission of many diseases. Do not borrow a razor from your boyfriend, husband, roommate, mom or sister. Also, make sure that it is stored in hygienic conditions.

Main photo: Helen Barth/unsplash.com

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