Lifting eyebrows and eyelashes – check out what you should know about these treatments!

Lifting eyebrows and eyelashes – check out what you should know about these treatments!
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Eyebrow and eyelash lifts are increasingly popular cosmetic procedures. We can find them in the offers of many beauty salons, although more and more people decide to perform them at home. What should you know about eyebrow and eyelash lift before you decide to do it?

What is an eyebrow lift?

Eyebrow lift, more commonly known as lamination, is nothing but a rescue for unruly hairs. Since the popularization of this procedure in beauty salons it has become an absolute hit. Eyebrow lamination allows for semi-permanent change in the arrangement of hair, thanks to which they remain perfectly in place for a long time. Using appropriate, safe preparations we can change the direction of the hair and thus spend less time on eyebrow makeup.

How does eyebrow lamination look like?

Eyebrow lamination uses thioglycolic acid, which breaks the disulfide bonds in individual hairs and then creates them anew. This allows us to arrange the hairs in the direction and shape of our choice, which will stay with us for a long time.

The next step in eyebrow lamination is regeneration. Preparations containing keratin and vegetable oils are applied on the eyebrows to improve the condition and elasticity of the hairs and give them shine.

The effect of lamination lasts for 1-1.5 months and the procedure is completely painless.

For whom eyebrow lamination is recommended?

Eyebrow lamination is especially recommended for people with irregular and irregularly shaped hair. This procedure can be combined with henna and regulation, which will completely change the look of your face.

Contraindications to eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination treatment is completely safe, although there are contraindications to its performance. It should not be used by people suffering from an allergy to any component of the preparation used for lamination. Acne changes as well as wounds, abrasions and cuts in the area of the eyebrow arch are also a hindrance. The skin around the eyebrows before the procedure should not be dry or irritated – for this reason people with AD cannot use the procedure. At least 2 weeks before the eyebrow lamination you cannot use any exfoliating treatments on your face and 48 hours before the procedure you cannot perform any peeling.

What is an eyelash lift?

An eyelash lift is a procedure that allows you to lengthen, lift, thicken and curl your eyelashes. The eye then appears more open and the look is much more expressive – and this without the use of mascara. The treatment is safe and does not damage the lashes.

How does the eyelash lift look like?

The treatment starts with applying a special preparation on the eyelashes, which is designed to give them a specific shape. Then, a special silicone roller is placed on the upper eyelid, onto which the eyelashes are curled. The next step is to cover the lashes with a special preparation, which fixes the curl. Finally, the eyelashes are moisturized.

For whom an eyelash lift?

Eyelash lift is recommended to people who want to thicken their eyelashes in a non-invasive way. The procedure is completely safe and the lashes look spectacular and natural at the same time. The effect lasts even for 2 months.

Contraindications for eyelash lift

Eyelash lift is not recommended to people who have sensitive eyes and a tendency to infection in this area. It absolutely cannot be used by people suffering from glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye syndrome. Of course, as in the case of eyebrow lamination, a contraindication for the procedure is an allergy to any component of the preparation.

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