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Summer is the time of year we all look forward to with blazes on our faces. This is when we spend a lot of time outdoors and go on dream vacations. But just as we protect our skin against the sun’s rays, we also have to take special care of our hair in the heat. Here are some tips for summer hair care, which will keep your hair strong and shiny while you relax on the beach or get active by the lake or pool

When packing your holiday suitcase, don’t forget to take along a few hair and scalp care products. The hair strands need a little extra moisture, especially after a long swim in the sea. With a few simple steps, your hair will look beautiful both before and after your vacation

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair in the Summer

Start caring for your hair before the holiday season begins

The first step in caring for your hair in terms of heat and humidity is to start caring for your hair before you go on vacation. Cutting the ends of your hair and going to a hair salon for a regeneration treatment can help

Hair and Scalp Hygiene

Many people skip regular shampooing on vacation because their hair strands get wet from swimming in the sea or pool anyway. Unfortunately, sun exposure to polluted hair weakens the hair and makes it more vulnerable to the sun

Sun Protection Products for Hair

Hair cosmetics, which are applied to the hair before exposure to UV rays, are becoming increasingly popular

Rinse Your Hair After Swimming in the Sea or Swimming Pool

Diving into the water is a great way to enjoy the summer. However, you should rinse your head with clean, salty water after every swim. It’s a good idea to comb your hair thoroughly afterwards and apply a sunscreen

Wear Hats

Stylish hats and caps not only protect your head from the sun but also safeguard your hair. This keeps the strands from being exposed to direct sunlight

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Main photo: Armin Rimoldi/ pexels.com

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