Cruise around Europe – these corners you must visit!

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Cruise around Europe – these corners you must visit!
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The vacation season, although slowly approaching its end, is still in full swing for the time being. If you haven’t yet been on vacation and are looking for ideas on how to spend your free time, consider taking a cruise around Europe. We suggest which places are worth sailing to


The coast of Spain is an extremely charming and attractive place for tourists. The exotic look of the beaches, palm trees, and blazing, almost tropical sun can make you forget that you are still in Europe. Places such as the Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, or Lloret de Mar, known for its popular paradocumentary, are extraordinary destinations that are really worth a visit. If you are not only interested in lying on the beach, but also in learning about the history and culture of your vacation destination, the Catalan coast will not disappoint you! Be sure to visit the Salvador Dali museum where you can learn more about this famous surrealist. Also worth a visit is the hill and castle of Castillo de San Juan or the incredibly beautiful gardens of St. Clotilde


Another destination that will delight you and make you want to return there every year is Italy. Tuscany and Sicily are exceptionally beautiful places that can be reached by sea. You don’t have to go by steamboat to visit the Italian shores, you can rent a sailing or motor yacht online at In Italy you can enjoy great food, real pizza, pasta, seafood, delicious wine and excellent Italian desserts. Before choosing Italy as your vacation destination, however, you must remember the golden rule – on vacation calories do not count. Besides breathtaking views and beautiful and interesting sights, Italian cuisine is one of the biggest attractions for visitors


If you prefer places closer to Poland because, for example, you got a short vacation or you want to go somewhere cheaper, Croatia is the perfect country for a cruise. There is something for everyone – lovers of sun, sand and the sound of waves will relax on the beach, while amateurs of a more active holiday can go hiking in the mountains every day. The Croatian coast is a unique place where you can find both sea and mountains in the same city. Vacations in Croatia certainly will not be boring, and the price of such a cruise will be much lower than travel to more distant from Poland


If you prefer a cooler climate and slightly different landscapes, you can also cross the Baltic and visit the Scandinavian countries. Scandinavia is an extremely interesting place, where you will certainly experience a culture shock, but also learn a lot. The countries of the North have an extremely rich history, unique architecture and cuisine. All these aspects of Scandinavia are worth getting to know, and then you will surely fall in love with this part of Europe. Although the Danish and Swedish beaches are dominated by rocks, not sand, and it’s rather difficult to get a tan there, your vacation will be unique and you’ll remember it for years.

A yacht cruise on the sea or ocean is an extraordinary memory that will surely stay with you for years. This rarely practiced way of traveling makes the journey to the destination already a vacation. The mobility of such a yacht means that you do not have to stay in the same place for the entire vacation. You can explore the whole coast and even visit several countries, if you have the time and desire to do so.

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