How to accelerate hair growth? Tried and tested tricks!

How to accelerate hair growth? Tried and tested tricks!
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Many women dream of having beautiful long hair. How do you make your hair grow faster? Here are the best tricks to get your hair growing faster

Long hair has always been desired by women. Long hair can be pinned up to create many interesting hairstyles, which short hair can only dream of. What do you do if your hair does not grow or grows very slowly? As it turns out, there are a few tricks to make hair grow faster. It is worth knowing them!

1. Proper diet is essential

If you dream of beautiful long hair, you need to take care of your diet. It should be rich in vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. You should eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, nuts, dairy products, wholemeal bread and fish every day. Hydration is also important – drink plenty of water. Avoid sweets and strong tea or coffee from your diet. 

2. Scalp massage

One of the most popular ways to grow hair is a scalp massage. This treatment is also fantastically relaxing. Studies show that just a four-minute scalp massage every day is enough to make your hair thicker and stronger after a few months. Such a massage can be performed in a hair salon or on your own using a special device that costs only a few zlotys.

3. Aloe vera also for hair growth

A lot can be said about the valuable properties of aloe vera. This ingredient is beloved in many cosmetics not only for hair but also for skin. It moisturizes superbly, contains plenty of vitamin C and stimulates hair growth, making them healthier, stronger, less prone to shedding and more shiny. You can use ready-made masks with aloe vera or add aloe vera gel to your shampoo or conditioner, which you use every day.

4. It is good to oil your hair

Oiling your hair not only improves its condition but also makes it grow faster. It is enough to apply oil twice a week on the entire length of your hair or only at the roots and leave it for half an hour. Afterwards, it must be rinsed off thoroughly so that the hair strands do not become greasy. Which product is best for oiling hair? The most popular are coconut and castor oils. 

5. Horsetail can work wonders

Horsetail has excellent effects on skin, hair and nails. You can drink horsetail teas (available in herbal stores and pharmacies) or take it in tablets. After a few months, you will notice that your hair grows much faster and is thicker, stronger and in much better condition.

6. Treatments are the thing!

Hair treatments have been used by women for hundreds of years. And rightly so, because they make hair stronger, thicker and better growing. The most popular rubs are made of fenugreek, ginger, onion, birch sap, black turnip, garlic, mustard seeds, flax seeds, nettles or green tea. We make an emulsion by blending the chosen ingredient and adding vegetable oil to it. Next, you put a bit of such a rub into your hands and distribute it through dry or moistened hair. Massage the scalp for a few minutes, leave the mixture on for about half an hour and wash it off. The first effects can be seen after a few weeks. 

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