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Walruses have become a very popular activity among Poles in recent months. People of all ages strip down to their bathing suit and plunge into icy water. This lawsuit-trained idea is supposed to improve the body’s immunity. It turns out that these chilling procedures also have a positive effect on our beauty. Check out how walrus bathing can improve the quality and appearance of your skin.

Beauty benefits of walruses

The main reason why so many people opt for walruses is for health reasons. It is a type of natural medicine that has been used since the Middle Ages. Immersion in cold water significantly improves blood circulation in the body. Apart from improving immunity and fitness, walruses can also have a positive impact on aspects related to improving the appearance of the skin. Better blood supply to the skin tissue makes it smoother, firmer and more elastic. In addition, several sessions of ice-cold baths can effectively help fight cellulite and even out skin tone. Walrus bathing can also help fight allergies and dermatological diseases

Walruses and burning body fat

Regular walrus bathing can also be a great way to fight off excess pounds. Of course, bathing alone is not enough to lose weight. However, they may be an additional factor, along with a healthy diet and physical activity, which will accelerate effective fat burning. The sudden cooling of the body forces our body to produce more energy to warm itself, thus using the reserves accumulated in fat tissue

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Main photo: Madeline Bassinder/ pexels.com

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