Cycling – why get on two wheels regularly?

Cycling – why get on two wheels regularly?
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Spring weather is not only good for spending time outdoors, but also for playing sports. A great way to combine both activities is cycling. Why is it worth taking interest in this discipline?

A bicycle for everyone

Poles have always loved riding bikes. Single-track serves them as a means of transport or an element of recreation. Statistics show that 70% of us use this vehicle, and 78% do it every day or several times a week, covering an average of 60 km in that time. 23% of our compatriots ride a bike all year round, regardless of the weather outside the window

The great advantage is that anyone can use a bike, from toddlers to seniors. The only contraindications are serious cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the joints and spine. You can adjust the pace of the ride to your own preferences and gradually increase it depending on the improvement of your condition. You can ride a bike everywhere – in the countryside surrounded by nature and in the cities along dedicated paths.

Benefits for the body

Regular cycling improves metabolism, which makes it easier for us to take care of our slim figure. Muscles of our calves, thighs, back, abdomen, arms and buttocks take an active part in burning fat and become stronger. A ride through scenic countryside will make us focus not on exertion and fatigue, but on what surrounds us. And in one hour of pedaling, we can burn from 300 to even 600 calories

Cycling also increases our heart rate, so we can oxygenate our heart. Thanks to this we can avoid atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke in the future. Faster flowing blood will make all our tissues nourished and oxygenated. Doctors estimate that just a thirty-minute ride four times a week will help counteract atherosclerosis. Such activity will reduce LDL, or colloquially “bad cholesterol,” and thereby increase HDL, which is considered the “good cholesterol.”

Getting on two wheels also counteracts osteoporosis, while sparing the hips and joints, as they are not under too much strain while riding. This can be important information for overweight people and seniors. Also, people who are struggling with diabetes by cycling regularly can lower their blood sugar levels. Let’s not forget that every moment outdoors spent actively is a chance to rest our eyes from phone and computer screens

Benefits for the spirit

Cycling can relieve stress and tension in our bodies. As we pedal, we release the bad energy that builds up in us. A brain that is rested and oxygenated works faster and more efficiently. People who suffer from insomnia after a thirty-minute ride will be able to fall asleep faster. The endorphins produced during exercise will make us feel happier and more relaxed

Benefits for your wallet

Commuting to school or work by bike is certainly a more economical option than traveling in your own car or by public transportation. You can also save the time you waste on standing in traffic jams and looking for a parking space. Not to mention environmental issues – cycling does not produce exhaust fumes, does not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, does not contribute to global warming and does not create noise, which cannot be said about cars or buses.

Benefits for the other person

Cycling trips are a great opportunity to spend time together with family and friends. Planning the route together and organising stops can be a great way to bond. Younger family members can be set an example of an active and environmentally friendly lifestyle. While cycling, we can also help those in need. Some foundations donate money to a good cause for every kilometer we ride. All you have to do is install an app on your phone and carry it with you during your ride.

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