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Trekking is not only a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it is also a great addition to your workout plan. However, before you go on a trekking expedition, you will need a few essential items. We suggest what things you should have if you’re planning on trekking.

Trekking in summer

Trekking in summer is a great opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes and enjoy the sunshine. But what to take with you for such a summer outing?

First of all, the right outfit. In case of mountain fashion the best method is undoubtedly the so called “onion” method, i.e. dressing in layers. Weather in the mountains, even in summer, can be extremely changeable. Remember also that it will be much colder at the top than at the bottom, so shorts and a T-shirt may not be enough. So what clothing should you choose? The best choice is light and airy trekking clothing, which you can buy in any sport store. It is also worth choosing well-fitting thermoactive underwear, which draws moisture away from the skin. Proper trekking shoes, such as Salomon trekking shoes, are also very important, if not the most important. The right trekking shoes can help you avoid unpleasant situations such as bruised ankles or painful corns. A hat or scarf to protect your head from the sun and sunglasses will also be useful on a mountain trail in the summer.

Also take along a sunscreen with you. This will help you avoid skin burns, which are certainly not a pleasant reminder after a trekking trip. Remember also that if you do not use sunscreen, your skin will age much faster and wrinkles will appear on it. To make sure that the cream protects your skin well, apply it every 3 hours or so.

Also, prepare some provisions. You can buy freeze-dried food and energy bars to give you energy on the trail. You will also need a water bottle and coffee in a thermos or thermal mug.

Trekking in winter

Trekking is also a great idea for a winter activity, but it will be much more exhausting then. What should I take with me on such an expedition? The right clothing will be very important here as well. It should be waterproof and keep warm. The best choice is the winter mountain clothing available in sports stores or the typical ski clothing. A warm fleece under the jacket and thermoactive underwear are also useful. As with summer trips, you will also need trekking boots. You should also take a warm hat and gloves.

As in the case of summer trips, you will also need provisions for winter ones. Take something to eat and water with you. Remember, however, that in winter you should also take a thermos bottle with hot tea.

You will also need mountain equipment that will help you in difficult winter conditions. Consider first of all buying crampons or crampons. The former are designed for use in more difficult terrain and for more advanced mountain activities. The latter are more comfortable to carry and easy to put on, but will only work if you take them on an easy trail. You may also find trekking poles, a hiking axe, and stout boots to protect you from snow spilling into your boots exceptionally useful.

Main photo: Saikat Ghosh/pexels.com

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