5 accessories that are always worth taking on the go

5 accessories that are always worth taking on the go
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The vacation season is about to start and with it trips, rest at the seaside, in the mountains or in the countryside. No matter where you are going to spend a long weekend or a few free days, it is worth to look stylish and feel beautiful. Check out the accessories that will make your life easier and make you look like a million bucks!

Hats and other headwear

When traveling by car, or when relaxing, it is very important to protect your head from the sun. Sunstroke is a very serious matter, and after all, you don’t want to start your vacation with a headache, vomiting, and an IV. When you’re out and about, take care of your health, whether you’re lying on the beach or climbing the peaks of the Tatra Mountains, headgear should be a must-have part of your outfit.

Comfortable and stylish shoes

Long car rides or exploring a new city and visiting tourist attractions require you to be fully focused. If your shoe chafes or your feet get tired in heeled shoes, you can’t give your full attention to what you’re doing because part of your awareness is taken away by the pain. This is why comfortable shoes are so important on a trip. However, comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and elegant. If you like stilettos, swap them for pumps on vacation, and if you prefer a more casual look, find light and comfortable athletic shoes. Remember that the memories you collect and the impression a new place will make on you depends largely on how you feel. Don’t let foot pain take the fun out of exploring the world.

Stripes – a quick way to change your outfit

No one likes to pack, and no one likes dragging a big, heavy suitcase behind them. When packing your bag for a trip, take clothes that can be styled in different ways. Stripes, very fashionable this season, will help you change the character of some clothes. Their great advantage for a trip is that they take up very little space in your suitcase and allow you to take fewer clothes, thanks to the fact that they allow you to completely change the expression of your outfit. The same sweater, which is an ordinary day wear, thanks to a belt can become an interesting and fashionable evening outfit, and thus save you space in your suitcase.


Protecting your eyes from sunlight is extremely important. The sun, although it helps the body to produce vitamin D, is very harmful in excess. Especially when driving a car, protecting your eyes from the blinding sun is extremely important. In addition, in the long run, exposure to UV radiation leads to damage to the eyes. By taking care of your eye health, you can look very stylish! Sunglasses are fashionable every season and provide you with great comfort

Scarves and scarves

A silk scarf or a simple bandana – it doesn’t matter what suits your style better. It’s worth packing a scarf in your suitcase that can protect you from the cold as well as the sun or wind. A long scarf can shield your cleavage and shoulders from the sun’s rays, or it can be a head covering if you are surprised by the scorching heat while walking. It is a good idea to choose scarves and shawls made of natural materials, which allow your skin to breathe and cool down unhindered. You can also use scarves as a stylish headband, which is perfect for both the beach and sightseeing

Accessories don’t have to be just unnecessary decorations that aren’t worth packing for a vacation trip. Some of them can even help you reduce the amount of clothes in your suitcase! You can find many fashionable and useful accessories at Versada.co.uk. Don’t sacrifice either comfort or style! Combine beautiful looks with functionality and dazzle with your outfits even on vacation!

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Main photo: Leah Kelley/ pexels.com

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