Roller skating is the new trend this summer! How to get started?

Roller skating is the new trend this summer! How to get started?
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Roller skates are back in favor again. It is the perfect combination of physical activity and great fun. Where to start the roller skating adventure? 

Roller skating used to be incredibly popular. Over time, it has somewhat faded into oblivion, giving way to roller skates (inline skates), scooters, etc. As it turns out, the fashion for just this physical activity is back again. And rightly so, as roller skating has plenty of benefits, plus it’s a great leisure option. 

A brief history of roller skates

Experts suspect that roller skates were inspired by ice skating. It is estimated that they appeared in the 18th century, and were designed by Hans Brinker of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the equipment he created was not very successful; a better one was created (around 1760) by John Joseph Merlin, and it is this Belgian manufacturer who is credited as the creator of roller skates. At the time, they had metal wheels. The patent for roller skates was not granted until 1812. They quickly gained popularity, and in 1876 the first roller skating shop was established in Cincinnati (USA), and a year later in Berlin. 

How to start your adventure with roller skates?

Skating is undoubtedly easier than skating. Two rows of wheels make it easier to keep balance. Therefore, without a doubt, anyone can learn to ride them on their own. 

To start your adventure with roller skates, you should first of all take care of the right equipment. There are a whole lot of roller skates on the market. You can buy ones that are already attached to the shoe or those that you put on your own shoes. The former are certainly a more convenient option and you don’t have to properly attach the wheels to your shoes every time. 

To start, it is best to choose recreational roller skates. This is because such have a shoe behind the ankle (which minimizes the risk of injury) and soft wheels (guaranteeing a more stable ride). Advanced people can invest in sports roller skates, which are much faster and more maneuverable. 

After buying roller skates, it is important to choose the right protectors. Especially since at the beginning of learning you can easily capsize. A proper helmet and knee and elbow pads are basic. 

How to start riding?

Experts recommend that beginners first learn to walk on roller skates. Once they have learned to balance their bodies so that falls do not occur, one leg should be pulled off and slightly pushed off the ground. Later, repeat the action. Once you feel confident, it is advisable to push off alternately once with the right and once with the left leg. In the beginning, all movements should be done very slowly, faster riding will come in time. 

Keep in mind that in roller skates the brake is at the front (unlike in rollerblades, where it is located at the back of the shoe). Therefore, if you want to brake, you need to lean your foot slightly forward so that the brake touches the ground slightly. At first this may seem quite complicated, but over time it will prove easy to do. 

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