How to prepare for an active holiday?

How to prepare for an active holiday?
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Rebooked flights and canceled trips don’t necessarily mean you’ll be spending the upcoming May break indoors. You also don’t have to stay cooped up inside your four walls for the entire upcoming vacation. Waiting for “better times” doesn’t make sense when you can have fun today – as long as you prepare properly. A great alternative to a vacation abroad will be a vacation on the trail of the Polish mountains, and a trip to Croatia can just as well replace a bicycle trip in Poland.

Keep fit

When you plan an active vacation it is good to prepare for it already a month or two before and take care of your condition, so that at the first trail you will not be surprised by breathlessness. This is especially important when you don’t lead an active lifestyle, and you spend most of your time at a desk or in front of a computer. Don’t be afraid if you are not ready for several hours of training at the gym. The main thing is regularity. If you start going for longer walks every day, you’ll soon notice the difference in your fitness, and you’ll want to exercise more – and more often

The right equipment

First of all, if you plan to spend your vacation actively, you need to take care of the right equipment. The moment of planning the list of things you need is crucial and has a significant impact on how your vacation will go. Don’t be surprised by bad weather, a broken knee or a bike malfunction. Think beforehand about what sport you plan to play during your trip. This will help you pack accordingly and avoid unpleasant surprises. There is no denying that the basis of a successful holiday is comfortable shoes. If you do not want to worry about corns, blisters and burns, and you dream of a trip on the mountain trails, consider the model MTN Trainer GTX. It will allow you to walk many kilometers in all conditions, even in hard to reach terrain. By choosing the right shoes, you will fully enjoy the beautiful mountain views instead of needlessly wasting time and energy on stops caused by foot pain. There are also versatile pieces of equipment that will come in handy on the go, regardless of your chosen sport. One of them will definitely be Brubeck underwear thermoactive, which is the answer to the need to maintain proper thermal comfort, regardless of the weather conditions. It ensures less sweating and wicks away the moisture produced by the body, thus protecting against bacterial growth. If you plan to relax outdoors, it will be equally important to take sunscreen and sunglasses with you.

Bike tour

A trail bike does not have to be heavy and clunky Cross bike this solution combines the advantages of MTB mountain bike and city bike. It is lighter than a traditional off-road model, however it has been designed in such a way that it works both in the city and on mountain trails. If necessary, it can be easily extended with a mudguard, rack or additional lighting, but on a daily basis it will be perfect for commuting to work. Interesting colors and fashionable design combined with strong tires and comfortable saddle will make you stylish even during a bike trip in Beskidy.

Always safe

It would seem that not every sport discipline requires proper preparation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even a weekend spent on bikes or an afternoon run on the beach requires proper preparation. By taking the time to pack your luggage, you will avoid unnecessary stress. This will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation and reset your mind before returning to work.

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