Scandinavians know that these 3 elements of jewelry guarantee the success of any outfit

Scandinavians know that these 3 elements of jewelry guarantee the success of any outfit
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There are many things needed to create a perfect outfit. The most important is the outfit itself, but not always the perception of the entire creation depends on it

It is the accessories that add character and decide in which category an outfit will fall. Of course, there are some irreplaceable accessories that guarantee the success of any styling. We know them thanks to the ladies of Scandinavia, who have a very unusual style.

What is the style of Scandinavian women?

Quite recently one of the most popular groups in the fashion industry have become Scandinavian women. They have their own unusual style, in which they combine different patterns and colors, formerly considered completely incompatible with each other. They can combine for example typical sweatshirts with floral skirts or checkered coat with patterned sweater.

However, it is not only in terms of clothing that this style stands out. Women living in Scandinavian countries also have interesting accessories, which they combine with their unusual outfits. Scandinavian women combine retro with contemporary, creating unique sets. Their outfits not only look nice, but are also very comfortable, which is additionally appreciated by all sympathizers of this style.

What is the secret of their style

The caskets of Scandinavian women are full of beautiful jewelry, but despite the diversity inside, these pieces can be found in each of them:

Circle Earrings

Earrings in the shape of circles entered the world of fashion many seasons ago, but new designs are constantly being created, so they continue to surprise with their design and do not cease to be fashionable.

Scandinavian women have definitely fallen in love with these earrings. They like to wear thick circles in the color of gold, which are quite eye-catching. They are thus moving away from thin and large silver earrings, which quite recently were one of the most popular models.

Circles are quite a versatile piece of jewelry, thanks to which women like to combine them with both elegant and casual outfits.

Minimalist rings

In Scandinavian countries, women are very fond of small and thin rings that resemble wedding rings. They usually wear many different models at once, as these thin ornaments worn on the fingers look great in pairs. Scandinavian women boldly combine silver and gold colors.

Surprisingly combining rings in two different colors is slowly becoming a fashion hit. Not so long ago, no one could imagine combining gold with silver.

Wrist rings

Brass, silver or gold hoop style bracelets have been frequenting the wrists of many fashion stars from Scandinavia as of late. These bracelets go well with both elegant outfits as well as casual ones

It is worth remembering that Scandinavian women usually choose only good quality products made of precious metal alloys. For them, it is not only the appearance that matters, but also the quality of workmanship of their ornaments.

For many years, the fashion of Scandinavian countries was mainly based on slightly off-kilter and calm colors not distinguished by the cut. Nowadays, Scandinavian women are slowly introducing bold and unconventional combinations to the world market, which delights many people. The entire fashion industry is talking about the extraordinary style of these women and how much their clothing style has changed over the years.

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