What is the secret of Scandinavian it-girls’ style? We reveal some of the secrets

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What is the secret of Scandinavian it-girls’ style? We reveal some of the secrets
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The style of Scandinavian women is adored all over the world. Their cool and minimalistic approach to life, including fashion, makes their way of dressing unique and special. The accounts of Scandinavian fashionistas are followed by millions of people who draw lots of inspiration from them every day. What is behind their success? Why is the style of girls from the far north so appealing to other inhabitants of the globe?

Scandinavian it-girls can play with fashion in an excellent way. In an ingenious and unforced way they can wear clothes and accessories in a masculine style and look ultra-feminine in them. Their closets are full of unisex proposals, clothes made of high quality materials and classics, which are the basis for many ideas and styles. Discover their style and check out how to dress like a Scandinavian woman!

4 items to find in every Scandinavian woman’s closet

  1. Oversized blazer

The masculine style jacket is a trademark of many Scandinavian it-girls. One of them for sure is Pernille Teisbaek, the author of the book “Dress scandinavian” also has her own blog and is active on social media. Her styles are inspiring and often feature the oversized jacket. What do Scandinavian women combine it with? There are many possibilities, from classics like straight jeans or tight skirt to biker pants or loose shorts. This is a classic outfit that is great for playing with fashion and combining it with current trends. Thus, it is the perfect clothing for the closet of a minimalist

  1. White shirt

A well-tailored white shirt is an absolute must have for any well-dressed woman. Every Northern girl knows this, which is why white shirts often appear in their outfits. Often paired with suits and red lips, they make the look look classy yet sassy. Felicia Akerstrom is a Scandinavian model who often wears a white shirt in casual as well as formal settings. Her styles are simple, but have something about them that makes it impossible to take your eyes off them

  1. Coat or trench

Another element of the basic closet of Scandinavian women is a long coat or trench. Currently, many girls opt for trendy leather coats, which create a fantastic total look when combined with black boots or cowboy boots. An excellent alternative are coats made of ecological leather, which look equally impressive. For those who appreciate more classic solutions, a caramel or beige trench is the perfect solution, which adds a lot of elegance and chic

  1. Heavy boots

A hit in recent years that Scandinavian women have come to love are heavy, massive and often clunky looking shoes. Styles with this type of footwear can be found on the instagram accounts of Pernille Teisbaek, as well as Josefine Haaning Jensen. They may be lace-up trappers, slippers or cowboy boots. They combine perfectly with short leggings, suit pants and even summer dresses or skirts. This is a proposal for people who love an unconventional approach to fashion and comfortable and practical solutions

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