Loose jeans – how to style them?

Loose jeans – how to style them?
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Skinny jeans are gone, now completely different models of pants are in vogue. Loose jeans have taken over the world of trends! Check out how to create styles in which you will look great.

Denim pants – still on top!

Will the day come when jeans pants will become unfashionable? Oh, we don’t think so! Denim conquered the world of trends a long time ago, and everything indicates that it will stay with us for years to come. What is changing, of course, is the type of pants that are currently in vogue. Not so long ago every girl wore fitted tube jeans, today they have definitely fallen out of fashion! Instead, fashionistas opt for loose jeans, such as boyfriend jeans. If the pants look like you just pulled them out of your guy’s closet, you’re well on your way to fashionable styling. Denim bell bottoms are also currently on trend! How to create an outfit that will impress everyone? Find out!

Boyfriend jeans in styling

Boyfriend pants are great for creating a variety of outfits – both everyday and more formal, which you will choose, for example, for a party. Thanks to the fact that the bottom of the outfit will look very loose and casual, you can emphasize your shapes on top of the figure. Options for creating outfits with loose jeans are really many. Both teenagers and adult women are very happy to wear them. 

Loose jeans – how to play it up?

There are two ways to style loose jeans pants. You can reach for a loose or fitted top, and this will actually already give some direction to your outfit. If you’re looking for a mega casual effect, then you can confidently match this type of jeans with a casual cut T-shirt. Add to it sports shoes and we have a styling perfect to go out and run errands in the city. If you want to add claw to such an outfit, we suggest a basic T-shirt in white or black and eye-catching jewelry. The proverbial devil is in the details, isn’t it?

Loose jeans for a smart look

Did you love the cut of the pants so much that you would like to wear loose jeans also for a date or party? No problem. Even when you want to look elegant, boyfriend jeans can do the job! Match the loose pants with a matching strappy top, maybe with a deeper neckline in the front or back? Add jewelry, stronger makeup, and of course heeled shoes. Loose pants and stilettos look fantastic and are an interesting option for a party. 

Boyfriend jeans for work 

Will this type of pants also work for work? Well, sure, it is a very good idea. Loose jeans look great when paired with a shirt. A classic white shirt is a great idea for work. Combined with denim pants and elegant shoes will create an outfit perfect. Shoes can be classic heeled pumps or even flat ballerinas. A great addition to the styling for the office will, of course, be a jacket. Such an outer garment will work both when you put on a shirt, and when you choose a basic T-shirt. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Toa Heftiba

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