How to style a maxi dress?

How to style a maxi dress?
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Long dresses have been a must have of every woman’s closet for many seasons. It is an excellent choice for many occasions. Depending on how you style it, it will suit different occasions. In this article we present some suggestions for styling with maxi dresses in the leading role.

Maxi classic, or a long dress in a solid color

The season of weddings and other special events is going on all the time. For this reason, we often wonder how to dress. An excellent choice will be a simple, long dress in a solid color. Such a piece of clothing is very versatile and suits many occasions.

A huge selection of such dresses is available in stores. You can find them in a variety of colors and their shades. How can you style a classic maxi dress? If you want your styling to be elegant and classy, but not overdone – wear stilettos with it. Beige or black ones will work best. An ideal idea would be to wear with it a small handbag with a chain. 

Complete the look with glittering jewelry and glamorous makeup. The hairstyle is also not without significance. For a classic maxi dress, minimalist updos or straightened, sleek hair will work best. 

Maxi dress with flowers 

A long floral dress is the perfect choice! If you don’t have one in your closet yet, you absolutely must change it. It’s an elegant solution, but not as formal as a classic maxi dress in a solid color. There are different types of prints and colors in such dresses on the market. It is certain that you will find something for yourself.

What shoes go with such a dress? Since the appearance of such a dress does not have to be very formal, a great choice in spring or summer will be sandals on a post or stiletto heel. They will beautifully emphasize your legs and reveal your nail styling. For this type of dresses does not always match any bag. Think over its choice, so that the whole thing is not exaggerated.

For this, we suggest wearing small, shiny earrings and a minimalist bracelet. In the case of a floral dress, you also have the option of wearing colorful makeup, if you feel comfortable in such. 

Long pastel dress

A long, simple dress in a pastel shade is something that would be perfect for a summer wedding, as well as any other special event. It is an ideal proposition for lovers of minimalism. You can match it with any jewelry you like. However, the best is the one in silver or rose gold. At your discretion, it can be more rich or modest. Put the whole ensemble together with a shiny clutch bag and classic beige stilettos. Or maybe you want to wear sandals on a post? This will also be an excellent choice! In your makeup in this case, you should put a strong accent on your lips or eyes. Also remember to give your skin a strong glow. 

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