5 exercises that will bring you closer to a bikini silhouette and that you can do during your home office

5 exercises that will bring you closer to a bikini silhouette and that you can do during your home office
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Working remotely is unfortunately not conducive to physical activity, and summer is fast approaching. Here are some exercise suggestions to get you ready for bikini season at home.

The pandemic has significantly affected the lifestyle of almost everyone. Home isolation and home office work have contributed to the physical deterioration of many people. Sitting for most of the day, poor diet and lack of regular exercise are the main causes of this situation. This has a negative impact not only on your shape, but also on your health and well-being. Even specialists warn against it

There comes a time of year when there are more and more sunny days heralding summer. In the minds of many people the thought arises that they will not manage to achieve the desired figure before the vacations. Especially if you still spend most of your time at home. How to remedy this? Exercises that can be successfully performed at home will help. You will not need any prior preparation for this, just a moment of free time, a good attitude and a little self-denial.

Something for the beginning

If you have never exercised or you are returning to activity after a long break, it is worth starting with something simple, so as not to overload your body and not to get discouraged too quickly. Set yourself achievable goals.

1. Squats are a well-known exercise that can be done in any conditions. All you need to do is stand in an upright position, feet hip-width apart and raise your arms in front of you. The next step is to bend your knees and return to the initial position. Remember to have a straight spine when doing this. Just a few squats at the beginning and gradually adding more in the following days is a great way to strengthen legs and glutes.

In your free time

It’s hard to get motivated to train sometimes, so think about a short activity if you don’t have anything on your mind at the moment. Preparing tea, for example, can be a good time.

2. While you are waiting for the water to boil or for the drink to brew, you can do some leg swings. Move them dynamically backward, forward or sideways. Keep your legs straight and the rest of your body still.

Useful furniture

At home, we do not have such conditions for training as in the gym, so a good solution will be to use the elements of the environment for exercise.

3. Another exercise suggestion is the inverted push-up. To perform it, you will need a support. A low chair or sofa is ideal for this exercise. Rest your hands on the piece of furniture behind you and lift your hips up while remaining supported by your hands and feet. Then begin to gradually bend your arms, thus performing a push-up.


When you work at a home office and don’t have the opportunity to leave the house for a while, for example, to get on a bicycle, organize a substitute of such activity at home.

4. Bicycling is a popular, simple, and relatively enjoyable exercise. Lie on your back and start moving your legs vigorously, imitating pedaling. Your hands should be loosely intertwined behind your head. If you are more ambitious, you can also lift your trunk at this time and, twisting your body, reach the opposite knee with your elbow. Thanks to such training, abdominal muscles work very well.

Exercise with a ball

If you have at home such accessories as a gym ball, it is worth reaching for them. With the help of such activity, in addition to strengthening the muscles, you can also take care of the spine and improve balance

5. An effective exercise with the ball is to lie on your back, catch the ball with your feet, and then raise your legs with it to the maximum height, and then slowly lower them.

It is worth remembering that physical activity does not have to be in the form of a specific workout to produce the desired results. Try weaving it into your daily activities, such as walking up and down stairs, or adding variety to your household chores. Even a short series of exercises, but done regularly and thoroughly, can improve your fitness while getting you closer to your dream shape for summer

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