Beauty secrets of Brazilian women

Beauty secrets of Brazilian women
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Brazilian women are not only beautiful and well-groomed, but also have a positive attitude towards the world. All this makes many women admire them and want to know what their standard grooming routine looks like. We found out their tricks!

Women all over the world have their own beauty secrets and tricks for taking care of their skin and hair. Many of them use local products and ingredients, which are readily available. One thing is for sure, knowledge passed down from generation to generation is very valuable and it is worth taking full advantage of.

This time we take a look at how Brazilian women take care of themselves and impress with their beauty. There is a cult of the body here. Residents spend much time on the beach in swimsuits, where every flaw or imperfection of the figure is visible. In addition, care is also necessary because of the constant contact with sunlight and salt water.

Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are among the most popular women from this region. The supermodels are Victoria’s Secret angels and look even better with age. They gained an extra sparkle in their eyes after having children.

Nurturing from an early age

Brazilian women believe in the principle that grooming and general self-care should start from an early age. If we are faithful to this, then we can be almost sure that it will pay off in the future and the skin, despite the passage of time, will look fresh and radiant.

Your friend the sunscreen

In this part of the world, the sun’s strong rays are an everyday occurrence. Women have dark complexions and beautiful tans. But what’s important is that they don’t get it from long sunbathing on the beach. They always use creams with high filters that protect the skin and allow it to change shade gradually and in a safer way.

For cellulite – sand

The canon of beauty according to Brazilian women includes round, feminine shapes, including protruding, firm buttocks and shapely thighs. The beauty secret is a scrub from … wet sand (and not at home, but directly on the beach). Women fight cellulite by rubbing their bodies against sand, which perfectly exfoliates the epidermis, warms up the skin, stimulates circulation and thus helps burn off unnecessary fat.

In addition, a must-have is the application every morning and evening firming lotions, usually with caffeine or guarana – here they take care that it is not a cursory application, but a thorough spreading with massage.

They also like to use moisturizing and anti-cellulite treatments, and above all, lymphatic drainage to prevent water retention in the body. They also do not avoid physical activity, because they know that in this way you can perfectly model your body.

You are what you… drink

In Brazil people drink coconut water, which hydrates much better than ordinary mineral water and is rich in vitamins (C and B group) and microelements, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. In addition, it perfectly affects the condition of the skin and contains substances delaying the aging process. It is also used in the creation of homemade cosmetics for face care.

Apart from coconut water, it is also good to drink green juices, carrot juice (giving the skin a golden shade) and beet juice (improving circulation in the skin).

It is worth eating

Another secret to taking care of yourself is healthy snacks. We are talking about acai berries, which not only support the circulatory system and collagen synthesis, but also slow down the aging process and strengthen hair and nails. They are also a component of anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

The avocado fruit is also consumed, as it has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. It is also applied in the form of masks and the oil is used to lubricate the body and nourish the hair.

When it comes to food products, cucumber and potato slices still work well, but no longer for eating, but under the eyes to eliminate any dark circles.

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