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Street Style – Berlin – November 5, 2020

Feminine, classic, unforced elegance, unique – Parisian women are considered to be the best dressed women in the world. Learn the secrets of their style and bring them into your life.

They do not chase after fashion, they focus on the basics

Paris is not only the city of love, but also of fashion. Its residents are admired for their style, naturalness and a certain nonchalance, they are chic and sophisticated. What is their secret?

First of all, Parisian women do not follow trends blindly, they do not look for fashion novelties every now and then. In their closet you will find mainly basic, basic elements, but of high quality. There is no question of a destroyed handbag, worn-out sweater or coat, or worn-out shoes.

They often rely on very expensive clothes and accessories, but they do not flaunt their brand logo in any way. If they choose a blouse from a designer, it can be assumed that they will choose a plain one, without a big logo on the chest

Parisian women are aware of their cannons and know exactly what they look best in. The very way they move is also delightful – full of grace and girlish charm

What color palette?

The basis of the Parisian closet are subdued colors – the beloved black (often in the total look version) and white, navy blue, gray or beige and brown. Of course, this does not mean that we will not see intense shades (mainly red) in their stylizations – they appear, but usually in accessories, most often on shoes and bags.

They consciously do not choose flashy and bright clothes. The neutral base allows countless combinations and combinations of different elements

Unforced elegance

Parisian chic is very natural, it has a casual and relaxed feel to it. Here, you will hardly find a shirt tucked neatly into the pants. Instead, you may notice flowy skirts and sneakers, something that at first glance should not go together. In addition, Parisian women like to roll up their shirt sleeves and even their trouser legs, as well as wear elegant jewelry with a simple T-shirt.

Parisian women also draw a lot from men’s fashion, although only one such element appears in the styling, for example, a shirt, a vest or a tie.

Parisian women very often wear also a hat, usually in black or maroon with a slightly wavy brim. It is an addition not only to elegant outfits, but also to casual ones. Another choice is the beret with a characteristic antenna.

As for the hairstyle, Parisian women opt for loose waves, red lipstick and false eyelashes (strong eye make-up is not their style)

As we can easily notice among celebrities, French women perfectly turn their flaws into assets – diastema or small breasts are not a problem at all. For them, there is no single canon of beauty.

Femininity emphasized, but subtly

Parisian women dress minimalist, but always emphasize their femininity. However, not in a vulgar way, but in a subtle way. They do not wear tight dresses and mini skirts, or short blouses. They choose girlish cuts, flared and emphasizing the waist (especially in coats and dresses).

They also follow the rule that if they show their legs, they cover their cleavage and vice versa. It is worth to surprise and bet on the original neckline on the back, which no one expects.

They also add spice to their styling by wearing impressive jewelry, such as large circle earrings, and various hair ornaments, including headbands, pearl clips, and decorative rubber bands. What else can be seen on the streets of the French capital? Fur coats – fur vests and short coats made of artificial fur are doing a real furore

Comfort above all

Parisian women value comfort above all else. No wonder, the city’s cobblestone streets are not conducive to high platform stilettos.

On their feet we will mostly see stilettos or flat shoes – ballerinas, oxfords, moccasins, lords or boots, as well as sports shoes such as sneakers or sneakers. They go with most outfits and you can go for a walk in them

When it comes to clothes, oversized, good quality sweaters that fit beautifully on the figure and woolen coats are the favorites. French women also like straight-leg jeans and big scarves to wrap themselves with.

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Main photo: Jeremy Moeller/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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