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Street Style – Munich – July 20, 2020

Properly selected sunglasses not only are a great complement to many styles, but most importantly protect our eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight. Most importantly, they prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. We suggest what to consider when buying sunglasses.

For many women, sunglasses are an indispensable companion, especially in spring and summer – although, when the sun’s rays break through in autumn and winter, it is also worth having them with you. Called by many, especially young, ladies “oxfords”, they are a stylish accessory, very often complementing the whole styling.

However, their main purpose is primarily to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, as well as from dust or any pollen. Wearing sunglasses also has a beneficial effect on the extremely delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. If we do not have the protection of sunglasses in the summer, by excessive squinting we can get wrinkles faster. However, before we decide to buy them – we should know some important rules to follow when choosing them.

How to choose good sunglasses?

Buy sunglasses only from reliable places

Sunglasses, which can be purchased at fairs or chain stores, should be treated only as a fashion accessory, a gadget to complement your style. We do not have to delude ourselves, that such glasses will protect our eyes against the adverse effects of the sun. If we want the glasses to really protect our eyes – we should invest in glasses with appropriate filters protecting our eyes against harmful UV rays. You need to check the label on the glasses to make sure they actually contain lenses that protect against sunlight.

Look for the “CE” marking on eyeglasses

Do not forget that good quality sunglasses should bear the “CE” mark, which indicates that they have been manufactured in accordance with European Union safety standards.

Choose the right level of lens tint

Every good pair of sunglasses also has a specific level of lens tint. This is usually marked on the inside of the sunglasses. By default, there are four levels of tint, which determine the level of protection your eyes have against the harmful rays emitted by the scorching sun, especially in summer. These are low, moderate, high and very high levels of darkening.

Do not buy sunglasses without trying them on

Buying sunglasses “by eye” is the worst thing you can do. This is an important thing, and just like buying clothes, it is worth to fit the glasses to the shape of your face.

Before you decide to buy them, try on at least a few models. This way you will not make a hasty decision and choose the shape of the frames to your face, but above all check whether the sunglasses fit well and whether they are comfortable.

Also keep in mind the quality of the sunglasses you buy

It is a known fact that when buying any accessory, we should bet on its quality. The same is true when it comes to choosing sunglasses. Those which will be of good quality, that is with filters and approvals, will serve us much longer, than just for one holiday season.

So when you decide to buy glasses, look carefully to see if they are carefully made. It is also worth remembering that in the case of sunglasses, a higher price usually also means higher quality. It pays to spend a little more money to make sure that your eyes are 100 percent protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

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Main photo: Jeremy Moeller/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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