What should I consider when buying a surfboard?

What should I consider when buying a surfboard?
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It might seem that surfing is quite difficult, and as it turns out not at all! However, it requires certain skills and the right equipment. Which surfboard is worth buying?

Some people think that water sports are very difficult and surfing waves is impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth. All you need is good condition, equipment and willingness. Of course, you can’t do without practice and patience, but – for those who want nothing difficult. Certainly the key is to choose the right surfboard, especially at the beginning. Poor quality board will make it much more difficult to learn, which may discourage the sport

A good board is the key to success

Everyone likes to practice on their equipment. That is why even people who are just beginning their adventure with surfing want to have their own board. It is not enough to go to the store and choose the first better one. The equipment is very different from each other. Beginners usually make 3 mistakes – they choose a short board, with low displacement and interesting design. And although then they can boast of an undoubtedly nice board, it is certainly not very practical

Different types of boards

There are several types of surfboards that vary in shape and size. The most popular ones are:

  • longboard – this is a classic with a length of about 2.5 m. The board is comfortable, provides good stability and it is easy to catch a wave. Its advantage is that it is easy to maneuver;
  • shortboard – a board about 2.1 m long, which has a characteristic sharp bow. It allows for perfect sliding on the wave. Such a board has also narrow sides and streamlined shape;
  • funboard – a board ideal for intermediate athletes. You can say that it is something between a longboard and a shortboard;
  • gun – a great board for big wave enthusiasts, who are not afraid of water craziness. It allows you to achieve high speed and accurate turns;
  • fishboard, or fish board, because its shape resembles a fish – such equipment works well on small waves.

What kind of board for a beginner?

In the beginning, it is best to choose a board that is long and has a rounded bow. It may not be as designer as the one with a sharp bow, but that’s not the point. Such a board provides stability and buoyancy, which is very important when learning to surf. As for the length, the best solution is a board from 2.20 m to 2.60 m. When buying your first board you should also pay attention to the material it is made of, as it should be durable and long-lasting.

Foam or epoxy laminate?

Which board should I choose first? Preferably one made of foam or epoxy laminate. There’s really no clear-cut answer, as both have their pros and cons. The first one is undoubtedly a cheaper solution, moreover, it is soft, safe and quite easy to catch a wave on it. However, it is also heavy and quite big. For beginners it is an excellent choice. A board made of epoxy laminate, on the other hand, has better maneuverability, is harder and more solid, but it is also easier to get hurt on it.

Board displacement – which one to choose?

When buying a good surfboard, its displacement is important. It is calculated based on the length, width and thickness. Interestingly, it may be difficult for a beginner to do this on their own, as the board has numerous angles and curves. Fortunately, there are many computer programs that will do it for us. You can also always ask an employee of a sports store for help

What is all this buoyancy about? It is a way to determine how much the equipment will submerge when we lie on it. This is because it is worth knowing that if the immersion is less, the resistance will also decrease, and therefore it will be easier to catch waves and move

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Main photo: Anna Shvets/ pexels.com

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