Jamsu, the Korean way to matte skin and long-lasting makeup

Jamsu, the Korean way to matte skin and long-lasting makeup
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The cosmetics market is constantly changing and, consequently, novelties also appear in make-up trends. A real hit of recent months is the Korean method for matte skin and permanent make-up, or “jamsu”. What exactly is this method?

Jamsu is a makeup hit that is winning the hearts of women around the world. Let’s start by explaining the name, “jamsu”, which literally translates to dipping. This makeup method was made famous by a Korean vlogger.

This type of make-up involves applying full make-up and submerging your face in, for example, a bowl filled with cold water. Sounds rather abstract? We hurry with a detailed explanation of the phenomenon of “jamsu”.

How to perform jamsu makeup? Check it out step by step:

What to prepare to perform a jamsu? All you need is a bowl of water and your favorite cosmetics.

First clean your face with milk or micellar lotion. Then apply foundation, concealer and powder on your face in order. The next step is to fill a quite large bowl with cold water, in which you immerse your face for about 10 seconds if your skin is dry, and if your complexion is combination or oily, you can easily extend the immersion time even to half a minute.

After such a “bath” we gently dry our face with a disposable towel. After waiting a few minutes you can finish your makeup. The method of jamsu allows to fix the make-up, but also reduces the visibility of pores.

Fixing your makeup is essential! Opt for cold water

For many of us, makeup contact with water can be associated with failure, because although many cosmetics are waterproof, “wet” makeup will simply look worse. Smudged eye liner and unsightly mascara smudges on the cheeks – none of us wants that to happen

But few people realize that if we quickly immerse our face in a significant amount of cold water and keep it that way for several seconds, our makeup would survive the test and become more resistant.

Contact with cold water has a good effect on the powder or fluid used earlier. After using the “jamsu” method, the face will look more matte and the skin will become firmer. This method of fixing makeup is loved by young Korean women, who instead of artificial, chemical fixers, opt for nature

What effects does the jamsu method give?

After a cold bath, right after drying the skin, we may have the impression that the foundation looks slightly “cakey”, fortunately this is only a temporary effect. Once your face is completely dry and the powder blends with the foundation, your complexion will be perfectly smooth. In addition, the “jamsu” method makes the pores less visible because the cold water effectively shrinks them

Oily skin types will be especially pleased with the results of this Korean makeup ritual because the trick reduces shine and evens out the skin’s texture.

However, this method of fixing makeup is not suitable for all of us. It should be avoided especially by people with very dry skin, as jamsu can irritate it. If such a lady would like to try natural water-based makeup fixing, it would be safer to immerse her face in cold water for a shorter time.

Korean beauty trends are conquering the world!

Jamsu is one of the most accessible and also the weirdest beauty trends coming from Korea today. Asian beauty bloggers argue that it is the best and proven way to fade shiny skin

Asians have been flaunting their beautiful complexion and youthful looks for years, over the years they also prove that they don’t need to spend horrendous amounts of money on cosmetics because they are taking advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty.

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