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Young woman going to Dead Sea, Israel

Water, salt and mud – the combination seems surprising, but it is about the conditions at the Dead Sea. It is worth going there and taking advantage of the unique baths and wraps.

The Dead Sea is rich in minerals

Israel is on average three times smaller than Poland. It is also very diverse; three largest world religions meet here. In addition, it borders not only with the Mediterranean Sea, but also with the Dead Sea and the Red Sea.

The Dead Sea is the saltiest sea in the world, although it is really just a non-tidal lake. The concentration of salt is so high that drinking the water is not recommended. Many tourists are also curious about the fact that really anyone can float on it (we reveal: it’s true, even people who can’t swim can float). The air in this area is also very good – perfect for allergy sufferers and has a calming effect.

Mud baths – the oldest spa in the world

The reservoir also owes its fame to its health-promoting properties, known as far back as ancient times, when Cleopatra took baths here and wrapped herself in mud.

Water, salt and mud are full of minerals such as magnesium, iron, iodine, sulfur, sodium, calcium, chlorine or potassium and many others. They are excellent for all skin problems, including psoriasis, eczema and eczema. In addition, mud shows strong antibacterial properties, cleanses the body, gets rid of toxins and also stimulates blood circulation.

These are still not all its advantages. Dead Sea mud is able to eliminate rheumatic pains, conditions after injuries, muscle and joint injuries, as well as acne on the body and face. In addition, it is great at relieving inflammation, regulating seborrhea of the scalp, preventing hair loss, helping fight cellulite and firming the skin.

Its action helps both women and men of all ages. Bathing in salt water should be refrained from by people with coronary artery disease, circulatory insufficiency, cardiovascular insufficiency, recently after a heart attack, with hyperthyroidism or cancer.

From Israel to Poland – treatments in salons and cosmetics for home use

During your visit to Israel you should definitely not miss out on bathing in the Dead Sea or rubbing yourself in mud. Fortunately, those who cannot travel that far also have a chance to feel this unusual climate and experience the beneficial effects of the Dead Sea. How? A wide range of products with Dead Sea mud or salt is available in SPA salons, biological regeneration salons and health resorts in our country. These facilities also offer mud baths and other treatments native to Israel.

What is more, cosmetics with these ingredients can also be bought in Polish drugstores, online stores or in spas. It is definitely worth packing body creams, hand creams, soaps or masks for your return suitcase.

In addition, if you expect strong effects and intensive treatment, choose products with pure salt or mud, and if not, then cosmetics with substances from the Dead Sea, for example, in the form of shower gel, scrub or other bath additives will suffice. One thing is certain; it is worth introducing them to your skin care and once in a while make yourself a mud bath

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Main Photo: texomolika/ adobestock.com

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